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Covid news - live: Blanket ban on care home visits ‘unacceptable’ and national alert level lowered

Conrad Duncan
·1-min read

The care watchdog has criticised “unacceptable” blanket bans on care home visits which contradict government guidance that labels such visits as “vital”.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) said it intervened after becoming aware such bans were in place and advised providers not to wait until the vaccination programme is complete before allowing loved ones to visit relatives in care homes.

It comes as the UK’s Covid-19 alert level was lowered from five to four after the four chief medical officers agreed that the risk of the NHS being overwhelmed within 21 days had “receded”.

Meanwhile, education secretary Gavin Williamson has promised that “no algorithm” will be used for grades this summer following last year’s exam results fiasco.

Mr Williamson said the judgement of teachers would be relied upon and any changes to grades would be made by “human intervention” as he set out plans to provide qualifications for students this summer.