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Cristiano Ronaldo mulls acting career after retirement

Eric He
Yahoo Sports Contributor
Cristiano Ronaldo could be eyeing a movie career after retirement. (Reuters/Satish Kumar Subramani)

Cristiano Ronaldo is 34 years old and thinking about post-retirement plans.

Though the striker is still going strong at Juventus, he won’t be dazzling crowds forever. When the day comes, Ronaldo could potentially be hitting the big screen.

On Saturday, Ronaldo spoke at the Dubai International Sports Conference and mused about his future.

"I hope I live more than 50 years to learn new things and face different challenges and try to find solutions for them,” Ronaldo said, via Goal. “One of the things that I seek to challenge myself in, for example, is acting in a movie.”

While Ronaldo has not appeared in any major films to date, his IMDb page shows that he has been in music videos and video shorts and is producing an animated series called “Striker Force 7” that he is voicing.

Ronaldo is nowhere near done

Not that he is anywhere close to retirement right now. Ronaldo noted that in the past, players used to retire in their early 30s. But today, there are more players hanging around until they are 40. He has 10 goals in 14 matches with Juventus this season.

Ronaldo said he will keep playing until his body can no longer respond the right way on the field. And after that is the case, he will “work continuously to improve my mental and physical abilities”

“I aspire to continue my studies after retiring from football,” Ronaldo said.

Ronaldo wants to continue soaking in new information.

“I always seek to educate myself, because my studies tend to answer many of the questions on my mind," Ronaldo said. “We have to learn the best of others, and this is an important part in helping me achieve what I have reached now."

Considering Ronaldo’s flair for the dramatic and countless moments in the spotlight throughout this career, he would appear to be a natural for the movie spotlight. And just look at that face, that smile. This man has the looks for Hollywood.

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