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Current Conditions Challenging for Pound

Yaron Mazor

The British currency is approaching critical support levels. Risk management is necessary for the coming days.

Pound Approaching Key Support Levels

Current market conditions are testing all traders and the value of the Pound has been confronted too. The British currency is trading below 1.40 against the U.S Dollar.

GBP/USD 1H Chart

Important support for the Pound is near 1.38, which is above its September highs, and it is still above its recent relaunch upwards which began in earnest mid-December.

Pound is U.S Centric as Broad Markets Rattle

The Bank of England will be announcing their monetary policy summary on Thursday, but the Pound is trading in a U.S centric mode. Having made significant gains the past month and a half, some of the decline being experienced should have been expected.

GBP/USD Daily Chart

The question is what will happen next in the volatile broad markets? The Pound remains valued well and may see more tests as its range searches for equilibrium. And risk management is essential for those who choose to trade in the coming days.

In the short term, we believe the Pound may be negative. The mid-term and Long term we are unbiased.

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