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Dad brings daughter all the wrong clothes during hospital stay: ‘The most dad behavior of all time’

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This TikToker absolutely roasted the clothing options her beloved dad brought her during a hospital stay.

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TikToker Priyanka posted a haul with all of the clothes she asked her father to bring her while she was at the hospital. She thought the list of items was self-explanatory since she’d be in bed most of the time.

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While the dad technically got everything she asked for, he pretty much got nothing that she asked for. The hilarious dad antics had Priyanka wondering, “Y’all dads be the same or what?”

“This is a haul of the clothes I asked my father to bring for me to wear in the hospital. This is what he brought,” she said. “First, I asked for some shorts to sleep in,” she said. She then held up a pair of jean shorts. “Mhmm. Denim, my favorite for bed.”

Next up was a red-and-white striped bodycon sweater dress, to which Priyanka said with an air of amazement, “I’m in a hospital … OK?!” He also brought her a pair of Banana Republic work slacks to wear as pajamas.

In the end, it all worked out, thanks to Costco. Priyanka was able to get a four-pack of pajamas at the affordable store.

“Love Costco. Love fathers,” she signed off.

The hilarious video racked up 7.3 million views and 1.8 million likes.


“Who says patients can’t be business casual,” a TikToker said.

“He said you’re coming home with a doctor boyfriend, no exceptions,” a user commented.

“Just in case you have a job interview while you’re in there,” another wrote.

“That’s the most dad behavior of all time, I’m cryinnnnn,” someone added.

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