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Dad compares what it’s like bringing home your first baby VS. bringing home your fourth

·2-min read

This TikTok parent made a video comparing what it’s like coming home from the hospital with your first child to coming home with your fourth child, and parents can totally relate!

TikToker Andrew La Haie (@daddylahaie) is a busy parent of 4 who often shares funny and relatable parenting content. In one video, La Haie depicts what it’s like coming home from the hospital with your firstborn versus coming home with your fourth child, and parents found it hilariously accurate. 

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The clip begins with the words, “Coming home with your first kid,” typed over footage of La Haie quietly and carefully tip-toeing through the house’s front door holding an infant carrier car seat

He gently closes the door before slowly placing the baby carrier down on the floor.

Suddenly, the video cuts to the same opening shot, this time with the words, “Coming home with your fourth kid,” typed on the screen.

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In total contrast to how he brought home his firstborn, La Haie swings open the front door and quickly walks in, chugging a water bottle and holding the baby carrier like it’s a case of beer. 

Finally, he tosses the baby carrier over his arm and catches it with his hand before setting it down somewhere without looking. 

La Haie’s video had viewers cracking up all over TikTok, and many parents appreciated the clip’s humor and relatability. 

“Had my fourth at home. Figured it was too much work to go to the hospital,” joked one brave mom

“When I came home with my third, I felt like I was adding to a collection,” noted one parent.

“My parents stopped at Texas Roadhouse on the way home with number four,” one user shared. 

“I dropped my third off with my mom straight after leaving the hospital, so I could go to Walmart,” recalled one parent. 

Becoming a first-time parent is definitely nerve-wracking, but as La Haie shows, things get more casual with each child.

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