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Dad and toddler throw down in adorable WWE-style wrestling match

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This TikTok dad shared a parody video of him and his son facing off in a WWE-style wrestling match, and it’s just as cute as it is funny!

TikToker Charles Haley (@yodanasty07) is a dad who shares funny videos about parenthood with his followers. Recently, Haley posted a clip of him and his son having a pretend wrestling match while professional wrestling audio plays over the footage, and it’s totally hilarious. 

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The clip begins with Haley’s son, dressed in little khakis and a button-down shirt, playfully giving dad a knee to the head. 

Haley jokingly stumbles back on his knees as though he’s just taken a real blow. We hear audio of a crowd cheering, as the little boy runs to tackle his dad to the ground. 

“Ah wow!” calls out the announcer as the toddler takes down his fun-loving dad. Cheers fill the stadium (the child’s room), and Haley rolls over as though he’s been defeated. 

But the toddler isn’t finished with his opponent. “Look at that perfect balance,” the sports commentator announces as the little boy climbs to the top of his dresser. 

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“Look at that leap, whoa!” the sports commentator calls out, as the toddler somersaults off the dresser onto his dad and then holds him down for three counts. 

“He got him,” the announcer declares over more cheers, as the little boy casually walks away from his defeated opponent. 

Viewers loved the clever video, finding it both amusing and heartwarming.  

“Man, I needed this laugh for today,” one user commented. 

“This is John Cena, I think,” joked one wrestling fan. 

“Dude, you are a rockstar father,” complimented another viewer. 

Haley might have suffered a brutal loss in the ring, but at least he and his toddler have gained some fans in the process. 

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