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Woman’s attempt at pranking her dad goes horribly wrong: ‘Where do I send the money?’

Dillon Thompson
·2-min read

A woman is going viral after her attempt at pranking her dad completely backfired.

The prankster, a musician named Sheena Melwani, posted a clip of the attempted practical joke on TikTok. Her video, which has since been viewed more than 2 million times, begins with an attempt to convince her father that she’s been placed in jail.

Melwani uses a digital assistant to imitate an automated prison call, with the voice claiming to be a “collect call from Boston County jail.”

The TikToker’s dad, however, immediately realizes it’s a prank. He quickly launches into a hilarious rant, telling the “jail” that they can keep his daughter.

“Hello yes, please! Where do I send the money?” her father asks. “Take her, take her, please! I have waited so many days for this call.”

Melwani, meanwhile, begins laughing hysterically over the phone while her dad continues his rant.

“This rascal is troubling me day and night. Take away internet! Take away TikTok!” her father adds.

The “jail prank” has been a popular trend on TikTok recently, with many users successfully tricking loved ones into believing they were calling from prison. Melwani’s dad, on the other hand, seemed far too savvy to the trend.

It’s possible the duo staged the call, but most commenters seemed to believe that Melwani’s reaction was completely genuine. Several poured in compliments praising her dad’s outlandish response.

“Your dad is my favorite person,” one user wrote.

“He didn’t hesitate at all lol,” another added.

“When your dad is so done with you,” another joked.

Regardless of how the clip came to be, Melwani’s dad seemed to win over nearly everyone who viewed the video.

“Your dad is a whole vibeeeee, love you guys,” one user commented.

“Omg !!!! He is sooooo funny,” another wrote.

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