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Dancing on Ice's Frankie Seaman opens up on cancer scare

david seaman and frankie poultney
Dancing on Ice star opens up on cancer scareMichael Regan - FIFA - Getty Images

Former Dancing on Ice professional Frankie Seaman has opened up about a recent cancer scare.

Speaking to The Sun, Seaman explained how she found a lump on her breast that was later diagnosed as a non-cancerous cyst.

The ice skater, who had an operation to remove a benign lump on her breast eight years ago, said that she regularly checks for lumps but was "nervous" at the thought of having another surgery.

"It's always quite terrifying to find a lump anywhere on your body. I am good at regularly checking for lumps on my breast," Seaman explained.

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"I was really nervous this time around that I would have to have surgery again, so it's been a huge relief to find out this second lump is just a cyst which doesn't require treatment," she added.


Crediting her husband, and former England goalkeeper, David Seaman for his support, Seaman said that he is a "huge source of comfort" in times of need.

Seaman said that her husband, who she met and fell in love with on Dancing on Ice back in 2008, helped her through the ordeal.

"My husband is always incredibly supportive. He's the first person I turn to if I need help or advice and he's always with me. He is a huge source of comfort and rock-solid support in times of crisis. He doesn't try to sugar-coat anything or pretend to understand how I'm feeling. He just listens and provides excellent hugs."

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While her own scare turned out to be benign, the reality star encouraged other women to check their breasts.

"I knew what finding a lump could mean and I feel as though I've dodged a very big bullet. However, breast cancer survival rates are much better with early detection, so please check your breasts regularly and get any lumps you find examined immediately."

Dancing on Ice airs on ITV.

If you would like more information or support about living with cancer or treatment, please click here for guidance from Breast Cancer Now, or click here to learn more from Stand Up to Cancer.

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