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Danniella Westbrook confesses she's relapsed in sobriety battle

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Danniella Westbrook has vowed to quit drink and drugs after relapsing in her battle to stay "clean and sober".

The former EastEnders actress, who has struggled with drug addiction issues for many years, told her followers in a lengthy Instagram post on Monday that she was "done" with "cocaine and champagne" and was planning to return to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that night.

"It's no secret since leaving rehab I've slipped and slides more than I have been straight I guess," she began her candid post. "But today I've joined a new gym restarted my herbal life and going back to the rooms tonight.

"I'm done with the drinking the occasional packet and night out I'm totally over it. I know the best years of my whole adult life was the 14 years I spent clean and sober. So today's the day I go back own my s**t pick up the newcomers ring with pride not shame (sic).

"I'm all in sick and tired of being sick and tired and feeling shame and a fraud when people tell me I'm doing well. I've done better this time round but I'm done I'm so b**ody bored of it all."

The 47-year-old insisted that there wasn't a "rock bottom" moment that influenced her decision and she was simply done with the vicious cycle of addiction stopping her from being her best self.

"I was meant for more than this and this last few years f**king about has show me (sic), that cocaine and champagne ain't got the high I want," she revealed. "I want a natural buzz a natural high from life from opportunities so it's with head held high I say today is the day I go back to the welcoming most exclusive bunch of people I've had the pleat (pleasure) of being around."

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