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DC Comics is giving Wonder Woman a daughter named Trinity

DC Comics is giving Wonder Woman a daughter named Trinity

Wonder Woman has been a superhero, a feminist icon, and a movie star over the decades, but this year she's going to add another title to her resume: mother.

IGN revealed on Friday that DC Comics is introducing Trinity, Wonder Woman's daughter, in the upcoming anniversary issue Wonder Woman #800. She was created by writer Tom King and artist Daniel Sampere, who are taking over the monthly Wonder Woman comic when it relaunches with a new issue #1 this September.

Like most DC anniversary specials, Wonder Woman #800 will feature stories from multiple creators. King and Sampere's contribution will introduce Trinity before she takes on a larger role in their series this fall.

DC Comics is giving Wonder Woman a daughter named Trinity
DC Comics is giving Wonder Woman a daughter named Trinity

Daniel Sampere for DC Comics Wonder Woman's daughter, Trinity.


This makes Wonder Woman the latest DC superhero to become a parent, following the debut of Batman's son Damian Wayne in 2006 and Superman's son Jon Kent in 2015. King told IGN that, along with his own children, Damian and Jon were the inspirations for Trinity. The initial spark, however, was provided by his former Mister Miracle collaborator Mitch Gerads.

"Mitch had a great idea for doing a sort of all-ages short story to follow up on our Mister Miracle series where Jon and Damian would be babysitting Scott and Barda's kid, Jack," King said. "This got me thinking about the son of Batman and the son Superman as older brother babysitters and how really the person they should be looking after is their little sister, the daughter of Wonder Woman."

King continued, "I have three kids, two of whom are close in age and then one who's 5 years younger than those two, so I'm very familiar with this dynamic and its potential for comedy and drama. Super sons... and daughter. It was the kind of thing I'd want to read with them at any age. So, after I had that idea in my head, I couldn't get it out."

Even with that personal connection, there's also a practical reason to give Wonder Woman her own child. Damian and Jon have both proven very popular, especially thanks to their consistent team-ups in the Super Sons series. Their influence has also spread to screen adaptations, with Damian showing up in the Harley Quinn animated series and Jon clearly influencing the two sons on Superman & Lois.

Wonder Woman has had young sidekicks before. Donna Troy was the original Wonder Girl, introduced in 1965 as a founding member of the Teen Titans (she was recently portrayed by Conor Leslie in the live-action Titans series). Cassie Sandsmark was introduced in 1996 and became the second character to hold the mantle of Wonder Girl.

The most recent Wonder Girl was Yara Flor, a Brazilian character created in 2021 whose "Amazon" connection had more to do with the Amazon rainforest than the island of Themyscira. She was briefly going to be the center of a new CW superhero series from Arrowverse producer Greg Berlanti, but that show never went forward.

For one thing, Trinity is visually distinct from her mother's sidekicks. Check out those pants! The three lassos also resonate with her name.

"My idea was to make a balance between some classic Wonder Woman details (like the stars or the bracelets) mixed with a more modern look," Sampere told IGN. "I pitched a possible design for Diana when we started the run with her having long pants that finally we didn't use, so I thought it was a nice opportunity to give Trinity those pants. I also wanted to give her a more superhero look, and less warrior-based, so I reduced to minimum the armor parts."

Wonder Woman #800 hits stores in June. Read the full interview with King and Sampere at IGN.

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