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Demand for log cabins is rapidly growing: their cosy atmosphere has appeal – nostalgic hideaways have made a comeback

Honkarakenne Oyj
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Press release Honkarakenne Ltd. 18 February 2021

Demand for log cabins is rapidly growing: their cosy atmosphere has appeal – nostalgic hideaways have made a comeback

Finns are longing to spend more time in their cabins: interest in holiday homes and cabin construction has grown strongly due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to fresh financial figures released by Honkarakenne, Finland's best-known log house manufacturer, revenue in Finland grew by 18% last year. Many familiar values have returned: peaceful getaways and closeness to nature are the priorities for holiday-homeowners.

In response to this outbreak of ‘cabin fever’, Honkarakenne has revamped three nostalgic favourites and returned them to its villa collection. Traditional round logs have been replaced with a fresh look, and large windows connect the interiors with nature. The warm feel and efficient layout of the log cabins have been preserved.

“Leisure-time builders are primarily seeking a connection with nature,” says Anne Mäkinen, Chief Architect of Honkarakenne. “Interiors open up to nature through large windows and the rooms offer views of the landscape’s fascinating, tiny details. Terraces are designed to include features such as summer kitchens, hot tubs and swimming pools. The focus is now on connecting spaces and functions at the boundary between indoors and out. Leisure housing supports wellbeing.”

The roots of Honka's new villas lie in the popular Tähti models of recent years. Saimi, Aarni and Naava were designed according to builders’ wishes, bringing together Finns’ leisure-residence preferences. Well-sized, roofed terraces are now valued in addition to a spacious living room/kitchen and functional sleeping spaces. Terraces overlook the breathtaking scenery around the cabin. The models are ‘nest-like’ and cosy – these modern hideaways bring back childhood memories of family cabins.

Interior designer Laura Seppänen favours timelessness: her interior design ideas for ecological log homes emphasise sustainability

A nest-like architectural design can also be seen in modern log villas. Honkarakenne's new Halla follows the internationally popular ‘shell-structure’ model. A streamlined exterior and sloping roof provide shelter for walkways and terraces.

“The Halla model combines the best aspects of clearly defined architecture and an ecological log home. A low, shell-like structure built on a single level provides an outstandingly elegant framework for interior design,” says Laura Seppänen, who has created a timeless interior design moodboard for Halla.

The surface and furniture materials — their feel, colours and patterns — bring peace and balance inside, leaving the starring role to the landscape framed by the windows. The designer has paired wood with lively stone surfaces and warm earth tones. “As part of my design philosophy, I emphasise ecology, favour domestic know-how, and value materials that last both technically and visually. Timelessness is about the whole. It involves a harmonious interplay between the building, its surroundings and all rooms,” says Laura Seppänen.

Halla is also the beginning of longer collaboration between the interior designer and Honka. “Honka and I share the same vision: to create beautiful and practical homes that favour natural materials,” she says. Laura Seppänen is also known for her recent initiative to develop transparency and cooperation between construction industry players, which has become a social media phenomenon.

Launched in January, Halla's moodboard and the Honka Lux villa collection offer builders more holistic perspectives, as well as inspiration and support for interior design. Three interior design concepts have been created for the Honka Lux collection so that interior spaces, the building and nature form an integrated whole. Read the press release about Honka Lux here.

Logs are increasingly popular as a building material

The dream of villas or log houses built using Finnish wood was reflected in Honkarakenne's profit last year: The publicly listed family company’s total revenue increased by 11 percent. Interest in logs as a building material has continued to grow. At the end of the year, Finland's order backlog was 44% higher than a year earlier. About two-thirds of the revenue of this global expert in log-house building come from Finland. During its history of over 60 years, Honkarakenne has already delivered 85,000 log buildings to Finland and around the world. A stock exchange release on last year’s results can be found here.


Honkarakenne Ltd supplies high-quality, healthy and ecological log homes, holiday homes and public buildings. Its buildings are made from Finnish solid wood under the Honka® brand. The company has delivered over 85,000 buildings to more than 50 countries. We manufacture our home packages in Finland, at our own factory located in Karstula. In 2020, Honkarakenne Group’s consolidated net sales totalled EUR 52,9 million, of which exports accounted for 30%.

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