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Édgar Ramírez Reveals His Grandmother Died Days Before Jungle Cruise Premiere

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Édgar Ramírez
Édgar Ramírez

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Édgar Ramírez is grieving the loss of his grandmother.

During the Jungle Cruise premiere Saturday, the 44-year-old actor told Entertainment Tonight that his grandmother died during the week.

"I brought my entire family, my mom is here, my dad is here. I'm very happy that my mom is here, I mean it's been a very hard week for my family, a lot of deaths from COVID. My grandmother died this week," he told ET.

As the family mourns and the pandemic continues, Ramírez explained why the time is right for Jungle Cruise to debut.

"I think it's the perfect movie for this time. We all want to escape a little bit. We all want to be able to dream of fantastic places, and adventure and fun and humor," he said of the Disney movie, in which he stars alongside Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

Edgar Ramirez and Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson
Edgar Ramirez and Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson

Rather than discus the film further, Ramírez urged others to get vaccinated against the viral disease.

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"I have to take every opportunity to invite people to get vaccinated, to trust science, to follow recommendations. This is not over, you know?" he told ET.

"A lot of people made a huge effort for us to be here in a safe way. But we're not there yet. This is a huge effort just for us to be here, for you to be here, for me to be here, and be safe," Ramírez said of the premiere itself.

"So, I just want everyone to think about others, and also to protect themselves, and to protect others. We're going to get through this, and it will be a bad and horrible memory and we're going to learn from this, but we're not at the end of this yet, so we need to be careful," he added.

In November, the Yes Day star told PEOPLE that the pandemic taught him to appreciate the little things in life, like time in the great outdoors.

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"I'm appreciating the nature way more than before," the Venezuelan-born actor said at the time. "I walk and I take hikes wherever and whenever it's possible. I love the magic hour. I love the hour before it gets dark. The sunset is my favorite time."

"This has been a great time to realize that we need so little. I've been able to focus on things I thought that I didn't have time for, I never made the time for," Ramírez said. "I think that it's been a time to really find space and [realize] the importance of nature and things that we take for granted."

Jungle Cruise is in theaters and available to stream via Disney+ Premier Access on July 30.

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