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Does Joey Graziadei get engaged at the end of his season of 'The Bachelor'? Here's what we know.

Joey Graziadei smiles in front of the Bachelor mansion in a blue suit, white shirt, and black tie.
Joey Graziadei on "The Bachelor."Disney/John Fleenor
  • Joey Graziadei is the star of season 28 of ABC's "The Bachelor."

  • Joey has strong connections with many women on his season, but teasers hint he may not get engaged.

  • Here's what we could piece together about if Joey proposes or gets engaged at the end of the season.

As lead of "The Bachelor" season 28, Joey Graziadei has dozens of women vying for his heart on each week's episode. And while "The Bachelor" franchise as a whole usually features an engagement at the end of each season, it's unclear if Joey will find his future wife on the show.

In fact, in the opening few minutes of the "Bachelor" season 28 premiere, Joey is shown having an emotional time at his final rose ceremony, which could be an indicator that his season doesn't end well. And in the teaser for his season, viewers see Joey walk off the set of his final rose ceremony in tears, telling producers off-camera that he doesn't think something like this has ever happened on the show before.


Joey has recently spoken about his journey as a "Bachelor" star in more general terms, revealing that he struggled with self-doubt throughout the process. However, he also told Business Insider that he'd describe his season overall as "romantic," in part due to the love story at its core.

Here's what we could piece together about whether Joey gets engaged at the end of "The Bachelor" season 28.

Warning: Spoilers for Joey's "Bachelor" season ahead.

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei on season 28 of "The Bachelor."
Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei on season 28 of "The Bachelor."Jan Thijs/Disney

Joey hasn't confirmed if he got engaged, but said his season has a great love story

In an interview with Us Weekly's Sarah Hearon in January, Joey said that this season "tested" him, mostly because he felt uncomfortable being the star of "The Bachelor."

"It's something that felt very unnatural early on. I felt unnatural through the whole process and people will see that. I tried to be as open and honest about that," he told Us.

"I didn't try to act like I was supposed to be in this role, or I had it figured out," he added. "That wouldn't be me to do that, but the best thing I could do each time, what I kept trying to do, was do it to the best of my ability and just kind of trust that I was doing my best so I could kind of live with everything that comes out of it."

However, in an interview with BI ahead of his season's premiere, Joey seemed to have a more positive outlook on his experience, choosing "inspiring," "fun," and "romantic" as three words he'd use to describe his season.

"Inspiring, just because I thought the women had amazing stories and how they kind of showed themselves and were being vulnerable was amazing," Joey explained.

"Fun — we had a great time doing it. It was an amazing experience. I know everyone enjoyed themselves as much as they could. And I'll say romantic too — I think there's a beautiful love story throughout, and I'm excited to see it back," he said.

Reality Steve has some major spoilers for Joey's season of 'The Bachelor'

Warning: Seriously, stop reading now if you don't want to know potential spoilers for Joey's season.

Joey Graziadei on "The Bachelor" season 28
Joey appears to be having a hard time at his final rose ceremony on "The Bachelor."ABC

According to longtime Bachelor blogger Reality Steve, Joey does end the season with an engagement.

Reality Steve initially reported that Daisy Kent from Minnesota is the lucky lady, which made sense because the pair seemed to connect on the first night. Reality Steve also published photos of the two on subsequent dates abroad and in Daisy's home state of Minnesota, indicating that she made it all the way to hometowns (which we now know to be true).

While Reality Steve is rarely wrong, it does happen — and he later admitted he was incorrect this time around.

In February, Reality Steve said that his information about Daisy being the winner was inaccurate. Instead, the blogger said that Kelsey Anderson from New Orleans gets engaged to Joey. According to Reality Steve, Daisy figures out that Joey's not picking her in the end, so she tells Kelsey that she's the winner before Joey does — which hasn't ever happened in "Bachelor" history.

Viewers curious about the lead-up to Joey and Kelsey's reported engagement will have to watch the season 28 finale of "The Bachelor" on Monday to find out how it all unfolds.

Libby Torres contributed to a previous version of this article.

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