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Douse Your Next Meatloaf In Buffalo Sauce And Thank Us Later

Meatloaf with sauce and sides
Meatloaf with sauce and sides - Debbismirnoff/Getty Images

If your family is bored with meatloaf, it might be time to spice it up. As good as traditional meatloaf is, it's easy to fall into a rut with the same old recipe. And if you serve it monthly or weekly, you'll want to change things up now and then. One way to do so is by switching out your usual sweet glaze for something new and exciting. For example, you could trade the glaze for a savory barbecue sauce. But why not give it a spicy kick next time? Buffalo sauce is perfect for this: Not only will it considerably amp up the flavor, but it's an easy change to make.

You don't have to change any of your regular meatloaf-making processes to use buffalo sauce in place of the regular glaze. Just add the sauce about halfway through baking, the same as you would any other topping. Or, if you prefer, wait and add the sauce directly to each serving. It can be warmed on the stove just before mealtime or use it cold like a condiment if you enjoy a more dynamic temperature arrangement.

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What Makes Buffalo Sauce Special?

Bowlful and spoonful of buffalo sauce
Bowlful and spoonful of buffalo sauce - Bhofack2/Getty Images

Also known as wing sauce, buffalo sauce is best known for the mouthwatering flavor that it gives chicken wings. But what makes it different from other hot sauces? The bright orange sauce is made with the same cayenne pepper, seasonings, and vinegar as many regular hot sauces, but it has two additional ingredients that make all the difference: butter and paprika. The combination of these two ingredients is what gives the sauce its distinct color. And the sauce's creaminess is thanks to all that delicious butter flavor.


Now that you know what makes it so special, you might want to make your own buffalo sauce for meatloaf night. But even if you don't want to go the homemade route, adding store-bought to your next loaf is still a great way to change up your recipe and give the humble dish a burst of excitement. And like ketchup, you also might want to keep the bottle on the table so you can slather on a little extra as you eat.

Accompaniments For Buffalo Sauce Meatloaf

Celery sticks and blue cheese dip
Celery sticks and blue cheese dip - limipix/Shutterstock

Since chicken wings are often served with celery and blue cheese dip, consider adding these same flavors to meatloaf drenched in buffalo sauce. Add chopped celery directly to the loaf, if you don't already. Or provide crisp slices of the raw vegetable on the side. You can also incorporate blue cheese in several different ways. Bake it on top -- adding crumbles halfway through along with the sauce. Make a stuffed meatloaf and include a generous portion of the creamy, flavorful cheese. Or serve blue cheese dressing as a dip and enjoy a bit with each forkful.

Either way, you won't soon forget this flavorful rendition of your regular meatloaf. The boost it will get from the buffalo sauce will likely have you making it like this time and again. No doubt others at your dining table will ask for it by special request from here on out.

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