Drive a hard bargain to save £1,347 a year

A little bit of haggling will go a long way...

Haggling isn’t an art form that comes naturally to us Brits.

When faced with an eye-watering bill we’re more likely to keep schtum and then grumble about the rip-off later down the pub, than dare cause a scene at the till.

But the approach is to our detriment, as it’s estimated that consistently negotiating on costs could save you a cumulative £1,347 a year.

Only one in ten admitted to trying for a better deal when buying goods or services in the last month, when polled by

But interestingly, those who do regularly haggle are not likely to be strapped for cash. People on a salary of more than £60,000 a year are most prone to bargaining, found the study.

People who admitted to haggling claimed to have got money off everything from utilities bills to holidays and everyday groceries. These savvy spenders often said they'd learned from trips abroad and liked the rush of getting money off.

Pride and feeling intimidated were cited as the most common reasons for not driving a harder bargain. Nearly half of those surveyed said they felt uncomfortable talking about money and felt negotiating was impolite.

In regards to specifically buying a car, nearly a quarter of those surveyed said they felt they had paid more than they thought it was worth. 

And as the sale of new cars has jumped to its highest level in six years, it appears there’s a lot of money to be saved through a little bit of negotiation.

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