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Dua Lipa's serves major Marie Antoinette vibes in new music vid

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Photo credit: @laleekley - Instagram
Photo credit: @laleekley - Instagram

Ever wondered what Dua Lipa would look like if she were to cameo in a period drama? Nope, to be honest, neither have I. BUT, for her and Pop Smoke's new 'Demeanor' music video, Dua's gone and done just that and the result is something else.

Dua took to Instagram overnight to share a sneak peek of her upcoming vid and it looks like part of a promo campaign for a Marie Antoinette-inspired TV show (which, can I just say, I would totally watch to fill the Bridgerton-shaped hole in my life). Standing in what appears to be a French chateau, Dua wears a lace-trimmed, off-the-shoulder ballgown with a metallic bodice and ivory full skirt. Safe to say, the outfit looks fit for actual royalty.

But rather than sporting a crown or tiara on her head, the singer goes for drop earrings and an emerald pendant necklace, while her hair situation features blunt bangs and a Disney Princess-worthy high ponytail, complete with a big ol' bow.

As you scroll through the carousel of images, shot by Lauren Leekley (@laleekley), you can see Dua channelling retro high society vibes, sitting at a banquet table, admiring fine art, oh, and brushing her hair while looking ridiculously photogenic.

Take a look for yourself:

Dua also shared a preview clip of the music video, showing her getting ready for an event by candlelight in front of a dressing table, enjoying dinner with other aristocratic-type folks dressed in ruffs, eating grapes like they're better than Malteasers and one is even stroking a tiny dog on their lap. What a night.

In the comments section, stars like Gigi Hadid wrote "So gorgeous!" and Chris Appleton added "Beautiful 🔥🔥", while one fan added "MARIE-DUANTOINETTE 🔥🔥🔥".

"DEMEANOR TOMORROW - 29TH JULY - 12PM EST @realpopsmoke 🕊" reads Dua's caption, so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled because we're guessing this music vid is going to be a corker when it drops today.

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