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Dunkin' Donuts Back In UK After 20 Year Hole

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Dunkin' Donuts Back In UK After 20 Year Hole

Dunkin' Donuts is to make a second attempt to crack the UK market - 20 years after shutting down its business in the country.

The American firm - with a British boss at the helm - has signed franchise agreements to open 50 restaurants in London over the next five years, creating 500 jobs.

Nigel Travis said he was in "advanced talks" with other partners to open a further 150 around the rest of the country.

He told Sky News: "We're very excited about returning to the UK. We're a different company.

"In the US we have gone from strength to strength."

He continued: "We think we have a broader range. Clearly coffee is booming, looking at the competition, the sandwich segment is growing, the bakery segment is growing and we believe we have the right model with our franchisees to develop very quickly in the UK."

Dunkin’ Donuts, which claims to be number one in the world in terms of actual doughnut sales, currently has more than 10,500 restaurants globally.

The brand said it would also offer regional menu items specific to the UK to cater to local tastes.

The company made its announcement just days after a report on the state of the country's retail market identified strong growth in cafes and restaurants on high streets.

The Local Data Company suggested that leisure firms and other service providers such as bookmakers were taking space left vacant by retail casualties of the consumer spending squeeze and earlier recession.

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