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E.ON apologises for sending customers free socks during energy crisis

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Energy company E.ON has apologised for sending socks as presents to customers as a way to help them keep warm ahead of a massive spike in energy prices.

The company shipped a free pair of polyester socks to 30,000 households it supplies with energy, the Daily Mail reported.

The customers had reportedly engaged with one of E.ON’s energy saving campaigns last year and the socks were there to encourage them to continue to save energy.

But E.ON said it should not have gone ahead with the plan in light of major price rises that are about to hit millions of households.

“If you recently received a pair of socks from us, we would like to say we are incredibly sorry for how we have made some people feel,” the company said.

“In light of the seriousness of current challenges that many people are facing, this mailing should have been stopped and we are sorry.”

The apology comes just days after rival energy firm Ovo said it was sorry for giving customers advice on how to save energy.

In an email to customers, Ovo dished out normal advice like putting on a jumper, but also more uncommon remedies such as eating lentils or ginger or cuddling up to pets.

The Government has just a few weeks before Ofgem announces its new price cap.

Experts expect that the price of energy will soar by more than 50% to around £2,000 for the average household.

It could remove around £700 from the pockets of struggling families across the country at a time when prices are also going up in shops.

Ofgem will set the new price cap in early February before it comes into force on April 1.

The Government and energy companies have been in talks to decide how to offset the price hike.

Many are advocating a cut to VAT but that will save households less than £100 each.

Some energy companies want the Government to back loans worth £20 billion, arguing this will let the sector smooth the price hike so it does not hit customers all at once.

Another suggestion is to increase the amount that is available for people under the Warm Home Discount Scheme, and expand eligibility.

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