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Our Easy Stuffed Mushrooms Don't Skimp On The Cheese

plated stuffed mushrooms with lemon
plated stuffed mushrooms with lemon - Jason Goldstein/Mashed

Savory and bursting with tasty umami flavors, it's no wonder why stuffed mushrooms are some of the easiest and best appetizers you can make. These pop-able morsels are always a huge hit on restaurant menus and party trays, especially when they're spiced just right and overflowing with cheese that's baked to golden perfection. When making them at home, the best ones to use are cremini or button mushrooms, though larger Portabello mushrooms can also be ideal if you want a dinner-sized portion of melty goodness. Mashed recipe developer Jason Goldstein makes the whole process look like a breeze in his easy stuffed mushroom recipe, which includes two cheeses and a zesty mixture of greens.

Goldstein likes to make his stuffed button mushrooms "a day in advance and just reheat at 350 [degrees] Fahrenheit for 15 minutes before company comes." Its ingredients are pretty basic, and most home chefs will likely already have most of them tucked in the pantry or fridge somewhere. The only seasonings you'll need to use are salt, pepper, and garlic powder to enhance this already flavorful appetizer, so you should only need to grab a few main ingredients at the store. The mushroom stuffing is a blended mixture of spinach, chopped artichoke hearts, lemon juice, softened cream cheese, and Parmesan.

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Stuffed Mushrooms Can Be Prepped And Baked Within An Hour

bowl of stuffed mushroom ingredients
bowl of stuffed mushroom ingredients - Jason Goldstein/Mashed

Prep work for this cheesy, veggie-based stuffing is just 10 minutes, and the mushrooms take a mere 30 minutes to bake. It's as simple as chopping the stems off whatever type of mushrooms you're using and stirring everything thoroughly before the stuffing can commence. Goldstein says that button mushrooms are always his go-to when whipping them up for guests, mostly because that's what his mom made when he was growing up. Of course, if you have some waiting in the fridge, be sure to check if your mushrooms have gone bad or turned slimy.


Each mushroom should be able to fit around two teaspoons of savory stuffing before being topped with Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs for added texture and taste. Lemon juice gives this recipe the complementary edge of acidity, and be sure to give your baked mushrooms an extra squeeze just before serving. One of the best things about this quick recipe is that, even if you end up with a surplus of your stuffed mushroom mixture, it can be frozen in a sealed bag for up to six months so you can use it for the next batch you make. Now that you've unlocked the secret to making this appetizer at home, you'll never have to wait to order them at a restaurant — you can satisfy your craving on the spot.

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