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Ecofibre Earns America’s First LEED Platinum for Hemp Processing Facility

·4-min read

JRA Architects leads Kentucky-centric team effort

JRA Architects, Inc. is proud to announce the first successful LEED Platinum certification for a warehouse and hemp facility, presented by the U.S. Green Building Council to Ecofibre’s state of the art hemp processing facility in Georgetown, Ky. More remarkably, an exacting design, build and certification process that would normally take upwards of three years was completed in just 18 months, despite some pandemic-related delays in material deliveries.

"This facility breaks new ground in so many respects, but it’s proof that modern design principles, strong teamwork and a willingness to innovate will always carry the day," said Marty Merkel, Associate of JRA Architects. "It takes a great team to complete a project like this ahead of schedule, in the midst of a global pandemic."

Australia-based Ecofibre’s 50,000 square foot facility is the first of its kind in Kentucky, a state that has warmly embraced hemp production and processing on the heels of its nationwide approval in the 2018 farm bill.

"Kentucky has exceeded our expectations in every respect, from governmental support for economic development to professional experts like JRA and their teammates who guided us through the entire process," said Eric Wang, CEO of Ecofibre. "This LEED Platinum facility is a great objective affirmation of our company’s desire to do things the right way economically and environmentally every time."

According to Ralph Whitley, Principal Engineer at Shrout Tate Wilson, Ecofibre prioritized LEED and energy efficiency from the team’s first official conversation in February 2019.

"From day one, Eric was talking about the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability, applying it to every decision, ranging from the selection of JRA’s proposed design to the discussion of adopting solar power to offset the load from hemp-specific needs like clean rooms," said Whitley. "Ecofibre’s enthusiasm for LEED streamlined the decision-making process and allowed us to leverage our energy modeling capabilities effectively and efficiently."

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, an internationally recognized green building certification system providing third-party verification that a building was designed and built sustainably with low environmental impact. In pursuit of that certification, the Ecofibre facility’s design incorporates a wide array of resource-efficient technologies, ranging from solar panels and nearly 70 light-channeling solar tubes to geothermal and water capture for flushing in the bathrooms. A rigorous building commissioning process led by Paladin, Inc. served to further improve efficiency.

"The process of completing any LEED certification is incredibly complex and preparing a building owner to reap its benefits over time requires precise documentation and operating policies," said Candice Rogers, president of Lexington-based Paladin, Inc. "Done right, LEED becomes a lifestyle of its own, with the upsides of sustainability enjoyed for the long haul."

The building also won points on the USGBC’s detailed checklist by incorporating into its various finishes an array of fabrics grown, processed and woven on the premises.

"While the LEED criteria are rooted in environmental concerns, they ultimately have a great impact on a company’s bottom line," concluded Marty Merkel of JRA. "This remarkable project may be the first hemp facility to clear the LEED Platinum hurdle in the U.S., but I’m very confident it won’t be the last."

For more information about Ecofibre’s groundbreaking project, visit

About JRA Architects

Working from offices located in Lexington and Louisville, Kentucky, JRA is one of the Commonwealth’s largest, oldest and most respected architectural and planning firms. Entering its 75th year in business, JRA is known for its hands-on, interactive design process and artful collaboration with clients and partners, devoting the same degree of attention and expertise to projects small and large. Learn more at

About Ecofibre

Ecofibre is a provider of hemp products in the United States and Australia, where it owns or controls key parts of the value chain in each business, from breeding, growing and production to sales and marketing. In the United States, the Company produces nutraceutical products for human and pet consumption, as well as topical creams and salves. The Company is also developing innovative hemp-based products in textiles and composite materials in the United States. Learn more at

About Shrout Tate Wilson

Since 1981, Shrout Tate Wilson has been providing consulting engineering services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems. The company has REDEFINED sustainability to mean EASY to Maintain…Simple to Operate…and Superior Energy Performance. With offices in Louisville and Lexington, Shrout Tate Wilson currently works with more than 51 local and national architectural partners and over 115 building owners. Learn more about us at

About Paladin, Inc.

Paladin is a certified woman-owned commissioning engineering firm based in Lexington, KY helping building owners across the Southeastern region maximize the operational value of their structures. Experts in the LEED process, building automation systems (BAS) and durable sustainability, the Paladin team is committed to the long term success of its clients and partners. Learn more at

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