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UK could stay in single market after all, Brexit secretary suggests

David Davis made the comments this morning before the polls confirmed a hung parliament (Jack Taylor/Stringer)

A hung parliament could mean the Conservatives are forced to backtrack on their mandate for a hard Brexit or a decision to leave the EU altogether, according to comments by David Davis this morning.

In an interview with Sky News at around 2am on election night, the MP pointed to the Conservative manifesto which pledged to leave the customs union and single market and that the British people would make “their decision” on the Brexit proposal.

“It said we want to leave the customs union and single market, but get access to them, and to have a deep and special relationship with Europe,” he told Sky News.

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“It’s a Brexit which seeks to give the best deal in terms of economic and commercial opportunity with Europe but also open up opportunity with the rest of the world.

“That’s what it was about, that’s what we put in front of the people, we’ll see tomorrow whether they’ve accepted that or not. That will be their decision.”

Davis made the comments before the polls confirmed a hung parliament but amid indications that a Tory parliamentary majority looked increasingly unlikely.

Theresa May’s future as Prime Minister is now in jeopardy as her decision to call a snap election backfired spectacularly as the Conservative Party failed to secure a majority, resulting instead in a hung parliament.