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EMC announces indicative price range for IPO and planned listing on Moscow Exchange

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07.07.2021 / 09:00 MSK
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EMC announces indicative price range for IPO and planned listing on Moscow Exchange


Nicosia, Cyprus, 7 July 2021 - United Medical Group CY PLC (the "Company", and together with its consolidated subsidiaries the "Group" or "EMC"), the leading multidisciplinary premium-class healthcare services provider in Russia operating under the European Medical Center brand, today announces the indicative price range for its initial public offering (the "Offering") and planned listing of global depositary receipts (the "GDRs") on Moscow Exchange.


The indicative price range in respect of the Offering has been set at between USD 12.5 to USD 14.0 per GDR. In the Offering, existing EMC shareholders will offer GDRs, each representing an ownership interest in one ordinary share of the Company. The indicative offering size amounts up to 40,000,000 GDRs. The implied equity value of United Medical Group CY PLC therefore amounts to USD 1.125 billion to USD 1.260 billion, based on the indicative price range.


The final price in respect of the Offering (the "Offering Price") will be determined following a bookbuilding process that commences today. The Offering Price is expected to be announced on or around 15 July 2021. The GDRs are expected to be admitted to trading in the "Level 1" part of the List of Securities Admitted to Trading on Moscow Exchange under the ticker GEMC on or about 15 July 2021. Subject to acceleration or extension of the timetable for the Offering, trading in the GDRs on an "as-if-and-when-issued" basis on Moscow Exchange is expected to commence on or about 15 July 2021.


Andrey Yanovsky, CEO of EMC, said:


"We are pleased with the positive response we have received from investors to EMC's announcement of its proposed IPO on Moscow Exchange. Investors appreciate the Company's sustainable profitability and strong growth prospects, as well as the long-term investment case for the Russian private healthcare market. This rapidly growing sector is currently under-represented in Russian capital markets, so EMC - which has the longest track record of successful operation of any Russian private healthcare operator - therefore offers an attractive opportunity for investors to participate in the future profitable growth of the Russian healthcare industry.


"Over more than 30 years we have created a uniquely high-quality and comprehensive customer offering, and built an efficient business that delivers attractive returns for shareholders. We have a clear understanding of the future development of the market for high-quality healthcare, and a strategy that will allow us to unleash the Company's growth potential and significantly increase shareholder value. The Company has recently completed a major investment programme, which we expect will support EMC's leading positions in terms of advanced medical technologies, qualified healthcare professionals and high-quality service for years to come. This will allow us to focus on growing our market share, as well as increasing operational efficiency and returns for both current and future shareholders."


Offering Highlights






Investment Highlights


EMC benefits from a combination of competitive advantages that it believes have contributed to its success and will continue to support its competitive position and business strategy going forward. These competitive advantages include:


Leading position in the premium healthcare market



Emphasis on highest-quality medical care



A comprehensive service offering provided across the continuum of patient care



Unique business model driving exceptional operating and financial results



Strong and experienced management team



Clear growth strategy


EMC believes that the current state of the Russian public healthcare industry, with its insufficiently funded federal healthcare budget and existing service deficiencies in both inpatient and outpatient segments, including in the underpenetrated and underserved oncology sector, has created significant potential for expansion and market share gains for EMC. To achieve this, the Company plans to:



EMC believes that its commitment to a patient-centric business model will allow it to continue to maximise operating efficiencies and synergies between its core specialisations.



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[1] According to EMC estimates, based on data for 2020.

[2] For EMC, calculated as profit for the period/year adjusted for income tax benefit, other income, net, (expense)/income on change in fair value of financial instruments, foreign exchange (loss)/gain, finance expense, and finance income, less construction revenue plus cost of construction, non-recurring expenses, depreciation of property plant and equipment (representing depreciation of property plant and equipment attributable to (a) Cost of medical services and products provided, (b) Selling expenses and (c) General and administrative expenses and amortisation of intangible assets (representing amortisation of intangible assets attributable to (a) Cost of medical services and products provided, (b) Selling expenses and (c) General and administrative expenses)) for the period.

[3] Estimated based on EMC's adjusted EBITDA for 2020 and the latest publicly available information from the Company's private healthcare Russian peers.

[4] According to EMC's estimates.

[5] Calculated as revenue excluding construction revenue.

[6] According to NEO Center.

[7] Including family members. The target population group consists of the affluent population (people with monthly incomes over RUB 500,000) and high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) with net assets of over USD 1 mln including their primary residence. NEO Center estimates based on income distribution and population data as per Rosstat and Knight Frank's estimate of the share of HNWIs who derive their wealth from salaries.

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