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Employers reveal the worst things you can do in a job interview

Avoid these common interview mistakes to make a good impression on employers. Photo: Johanna Buguet/Unsplash

Ever worried that you have ruined your chances in an interview because you simply didn’t gel with the hiring manager? It turns out, that might well be the case.

In a poll of 300 UK employers, almost four-fifths (79%) told job website CV-Library they have been irritated by a candidate during an interview and that this affected their job prospects.

According to the survey results, just one in 10 employers go on to hire these individuals. This means that the odds of landing a job are much slimmer if you irritate your interviewer.

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Many employers said that lying is the worst thing you can do in a job interview. Almost seven in 10 (69%) UK employers said this common blunder is one they find annoying. However, a candidate turning up late to an interview is almost as bad, with 65% of employers citing this as a cause of irritation.

Nearly half (45%) said arrogance is not a good look, and boasting about other interviews and job offers is not a good idea, according to 18%.

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Don’t underestimate the importance of cleanliness, as 30% of employers said bad hygiene is both common and off-putting.

Body language is also key, with nearly a fifth (17%) of employers saying that they are less likely to hire interviewees who avoid eye-contact.

Aim to dress the part, as turning up under-dressed rubs 16% of employers the wrong way.

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Other behaviours that can ruin your chances, include your language, which 15% of UK employers said influences their decision – with sarcasm being the most annoying.

But confidence is still key, as 5% are put off when candidates are too shy. And 5% are bothered when an interviewee doesn’t shake their hand.

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