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England vs West Indies LIVE! Windies bowled out for 55 - T20 World Cup match stream, latest score and updates

·16-min read
England vs West Indies LIVE! Windies bowled out for 55 - T20 World Cup match stream, latest score and updates

England vs West Indies - LIVE!

The road to T20 World Cup glory starts here for the two teams that fought out a thrilling final in the previous edition of the tournament way back in 2016.

West Indies triumphed on that occasions and are looking to become the first nation to win the competition for a third time as a team boasting legends of the format such as Chris Gayle, Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell seek to defend their title.

They face an England side that showed their white-ball prowess by claiming their first 50-over World Cup on home soil two years ago.

Eoin Morgan’s team, ranked no1 in the world, may be missing the likes of Jofra Archer and Ben Stokes, and may not be brilliantly suited by conditions in the UAE either, but they still come into the Super 12 stage among the favourites to kick on and reach the final.

You can follow all the action LIVE with our blog below...

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England vs West Indies latest news

  • England loses wickets chasing low target

  • Windies bowled out for 55

  • Rashid gets Russell first ball

  • Mills removes Gayle as wickets tumble

  • Woakes and Moeen make early breakthroughs

  • TV channel: Sky Sports

  • Prediction: England to win

England win by six wickets!

17:24 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 56/4 (8.2 overs)

Buttler 24, Morgan 7

That’s do it. Pollard trots in, Buttler swats him away into the leg side and England have won by six wickets.

17:21 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 50/4 (8.0 overs)

Buttler 18, Morgan 7

That fourth wicket seems to have put the handbrake on a little bit for England. Four singles in the last over and now Buttler steers the first ball of McCoy’s latest over down to third man for another.

Ooof. Short at Morgan and he goes on the pull. Catches it sweetly but Walsh is out there and gets a hand to it diving to his right. Can’t hold on, though, and it’s away for four.

17:16 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 43/4 (7.0 overs)

Buttler 16, Morgan 2

Eoin Morgan at seven - seeing his side home might give him a bit of confidence here. He’s off the mark pushing down to long-on.

There are shouts of “Catch it!” every time the ball is hit back towards the bowler now, even if it’s on the deck. It was a superb catch and Hosein was mobbed by his teammates, despite the match situation.

WICKET! Livingstone c&b Hosein 1

17:10 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 39/4 (6.1 overs)

Slip and silly-point in as Hosein continues to Livingstone.

Oh, but it’s the bowler who does the catching - and it’s a stunner! A sensational, one-handed dive to the left and he nabs it!

England are making hard work of this…

17:06 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 39/3 (6.0 overs)

Buttler 13, Livingstone 1

Liam Livingstone next in at five - not sure he would have expected to get a hit chasing 56.

McCoy sends down a no-ball so this’ll be a free-hit with Buttler on strike - just the one from it, the sweeper does well.

17:03 , Malik Ouzia

WICKET! Moeen run out (Lewis)

ENG 36/3 (5.2 overs)

Oh dear, this is a horrible mix-up. Moeen gets halfway down the track from the non-striker’s end before he realises Buttler hasn’t gone a yard and he’s never getting back.

17:00 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 34/2 (5.0 overs)

Buttler 11, Moeen 3

It’s Moeen Ali at four - more sign of England’s intent and perhaps also to do with the fact that the spinner is bowling pretty well here.

He helps one fine down the leg side and they hard run two.

WICKET! Bairstow c&b Hosein 9

16:57 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 30/2 (4.1 overs)

Sharp grab, this!

Bairstow prods back at Hosein and he’s down sharpish to snaffle it just above the deck.

16:54 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 30/1 (4.0 overs)

Buttler 10, Bairstow 9

We thought it would be Dawid Malan in at three but Jonny Bairstow strolls out - looks like England want to get on with this with NRR in mind.

And get on with it he does, with a crisp drive down the ground for four.

And that’ll be four more. Width again, not great from Rampaul.

WICKET! Roy c Gayle b Rampaul 11

16:50 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 21/1 (3.1 overs)

One down, nine to go for West Indies…

Slower delivery from Rampaul and Roy chips tamely to Gayle.

16:48 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 21/0 (3.0 overs)

Roy 11, Buttler 10

Hosein to continue and Jason Roy dispatches him high over extra cover and all the way for six. I think that’s the first maximum since Lewis planted Moeen back down the ground at the end of the first over of the day. Seems a long time ago, that.

16:43 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 10/0 (2.0 overs)

Roy 2, Buttler 8

It’ll be Ravi Rampaul from the other end. This is first T20 World Cup appearance in nine years.

He gets Roy squared up as he advances down the track and the fall flies away off the edge but short of the fielder on the ring.

Too much width on offer to Buttler though and he drives through the off-side again for four more.

16:38 , Malik Ouzia

ENG 5/0 (1.0 overs)

Roy 1, Buttler 4

Shot! Jos Buttler drives crisply through extra cover and is away with a fine boundary.

16:34 , Malik Ouzia

Here we go then. Hosein will open the bowling, Gayle is in at slip, Pollard close to the bat, too, and Jason Roy on strike.

16:31 , Malik Ouzia

Adil Rashid finished there, by the way, with four wickets for two runs. Ridiculous.

16:25 , Malik Ouzia

Jos Buttler and Jason Roy will stroll out to open up for England and though they could probably nudge it around, that’s not really their style.

I’d almost be tempted to bump Morgan up the order if one of them falls to see if he can find a bit of form with the pressure off.

16:20 , Malik Ouzia

One defeat doesn’t kill you but this could end up being a really tight group and West Indies net-run-rate is going to take an absolute pasting here.

Roston Chase is having a great game...

WICKET! Rampaul b Rashid 3

16:14 , Malik Ouzia

WI 55 all-out (14.2 overs)

That’s it!

Rashid’s got his fourth and West Indies, remarkably, have been skittled for 55!

16:13 , Malik Ouzia

WI 55/9 (14.0 overs)

Rampaul 3, Hosein 6

The pace of Mills is summoned to try and take care of the tailenders. Rampaul plays a cracking looking through the off-side but Bairstow is so quick round the boundary and they have to settle for two rather than four.

England have bowled 57 - yes, 57 - dot balls so far.

16:08 , Malik Ouzia

WI 50/9 (13.0 overs)

Rampaul 1, Hosein 3

Rampaul in to face the hat-trick ball, slip and leg slip in. Oof, and he’s got no idea where that’s going as it turns past the bat but doesn’t take the edge.

A little pitiful cheer around the ground as Rampaul tucks one into the leg side to bring up the 50. You can’t imagine there’ll be many more…

16:06 , Malik Ouzia

WICKET! McCoy c Roy b Rashid 0

WI 49/9 (12.2 overs)

This is genuinely pathetic from West Indies.

Rashid’s on a hat-trick as Obed McCoy tries to go down the ground and, just like Pollard, picks out the fielder.

WICKET! Pollard c Bairstow b Rashid 6

16:04 , Malik Ouzia

WI 49/8 (12.1 overs)

Rashid strikes again! A wicket with the first ball of his first over and wicket with the first ball of his second!

Pollard tries to hit him down the ground but it’s a big old boundary and Bairstow snares the catch.

16:02 , Malik Ouzia

WI 49/7 (12.0 overs)

Pollard 6, Hosein 3

These two are trying to - at last - play a bit of risk-free cricket, hustling the singles and turning over the strike.

Four from the over, all in ones.

15:57 , Malik Ouzia

WI 45/7 (11.0 overs)

Pollard 4, Hosein 1

Hosein is in at nine and surely just has to try and tick over with Pollard for a few overs and then let the skipper get after it late on.

WICKET! Russell b Rashid 0

15:54 , Malik Ouzia

WI 42/7 (10.1 overs)

You little beauty!

Adil Rashid comes into the attack and he’s bowled Russell through the gate with his very first ball!

15:50 , Malik Ouzia

WI 44/6 (10.0 overs)

Pollard 4, Russell 0

Not the wisest of twos but the throw is wayward and they get back. Jordan’s bowling some excellent, tight stuff here to Pollard, cramping him up.

That’s the midway point of the innings and it could not have gone any better for England.

15:47 , Malik Ouzia

WI 42/6 (9.0 overs)

Pollard 2, Russell 0

Andre Russell is in at eight, passed fit for this tournament after some recent injury struggles.

He comes down the wicket and heaves at the final ball of the over but gets nothing on it.

Two magnificent T20 batters at the crease here, but this is hardly the situation in which they’re usually seen to best effect.

WICKET! Pooran c Buttler b Mills 2

15:45 , Malik Ouzia

WI 42/6 (8.5 overs)

Mills is back for more. He’s a little wayward with three wides in the over, but he’s leaking nothing off the bat and is just shy of 90mph.

And now he’s got another wicket! Pooran drives and edges through to Buttler. This is dreamland stuff.

15:38 , Malik Ouzia

WI 38/5 (8.0 overs)

Pollard 1, Pooran 1

Bravo’s promotion suggested West Indies were looking to build a bit of a platform and maybe hold Kieron Pollard and Andre Russell back for an explosive end but the wickets have kept on tumbling and the skipper has little choice but to stroll out to the middle.

England have been absolutely magnificent.

WICKET! Bravo c Bairstow b Jordan 5

15:34 , Malik Ouzia

WI 37/5 (7.2 overs)

This is getting better and better and better for England!

Chris Jordan into the attack and he has a wicket second ball as Bairstow takes a superb low grab.

15:32 , Malik Ouzia

WI 33/4 (7.0 overs)

Bravo 1, Pooran 1

A brilliant powerplay for England - four big wickets and just 31 runs conceded. Morgan is going to take the chance, with two new left-handed batters at the crease, to bowl Moeen out. Some luxury.

Pooran pulls one hard to the man on the leg side boundary and trots through for a single to get away, before Bravo bunts one square and does the same.

Moeen is done - he has two for 17 from his four overs. Terrific.

WICKET! Gayle c Malan b Mills 13

15:28 , Malik Ouzia

WI 31/4 (6.0 overs)

Here comes Tymal Mills then - terrific to see him back in an England shirt.

And bowling superbly, too, as he starts with four successive dots to Gayle, some good pace in there.

Pressure mounting on Gayle but he gets one away over point and the ball beats two fielders to the fence.

He’s a goner now though! High in the air, into the leg-side, and a back-pedalling Dawid Malan takes a superb catch.

15:23 , Malik Ouzia

WI 27/3 (5.0 overs)

Gayle 9, Bravo 0

Bit of a surprise here, but in the midst of this early collapse, Dwayne Bravo has been sent out at five.

WICKET! Hetmyer c Morgan b Moeen 9

15:22 , Malik Ouzia

WI 27/3 (4.4 overs)

Moeen’s going to get a third over with a couple of left-handers at the crease and Hetmyer is down the pitch and chipping over mid-on for four to get off the mark.

Ah, clever stuff, then he goes in-to-out and lifts over mid-off for four more to the other side of the ground.

That’s not clever though! He goes towards mid-on again but this one’s not over him - it’s straight into the hands of Eoin Morgan!

15:18 , Malik Ouzia

WI 19/2 (4.0 overs)

Gayle 9, Hetmyer 1

Well, the West Indies need a knock from someone now and Gayle is up and running with a couple of boundaries.

The first is all class, a lovely drive that beats the dive of cover. The second is cut hard, through the air, but wide of Roy at backward point.

15:14 , Malik Ouzia

WI 9/2 (3.0 overs)

Gayle 0, Hetmyer 0

Shimron Hetmyer is in at No4 and he can’t get Moeen away. A wicket-maiden. Superb stuff.

WICKET! Simmons c Livingstone b Moeen 3

15:11 , Malik Ouzia

WI 9/2 (2.1 overs)

Why has he done this?!

Moeen continues into a second over and we know Simmons likes to get after it in the third over but having just lost his mate you’d think perhaps a little bit of common sense might prevail.

Instead, he smokes one straight to Livingstone in the deep and England are off to a flier.

15:10 , Malik Ouzia

WI 9/1 (2.0 overs)

Simmons 3, Gayle 0

Chris Gayle is in at No.3 and he watches a couple from his namesake fly by. Cracking start for England.

WICKET! Lewis c Moeen b Woakes 6

15:07 , Malik Ouzia

WI 8/1 (1.3 overs)

The early breakthrough!

Chris Woakes is on from the other end and Lewis heaves one high - really high - into the Dubai night but he doesn’t get anything like all of it and Moeen takes a superb catch.

15:03 , Malik Ouzia

WI 7/0 (1.0 overs)

Lewis 6, Simmons 1

A couple of dots to start before Simmons works one into the leg side to get himself and West Indies off the mark.

That brings the left-handed Lewis on strike so Jordan comes in at slip and the batter just has a look at him for a few before lifting a superb shot straight back over his head for six off the final ball. Almost a terrific start for England. Glorious shot.

15:00 , Malik Ouzia

Before we start, both teams take the knee, which we understand will be a bit of a one-off for this game. West Indies will carry the gesture throughout the tournament but England will revert to the ‘Moment of Unity’ they employed during the home summer.

14:59 , Malik Ouzia

Right then, Evin Lewis and Lendl Simmons make their way to the middle.

It’ll be Moeen Ali top open the bowling for England...

14:54 , Malik Ouzia

The teams are out in Dubai. National anthems time...

14:52 , Malik Ouzia

Interesting that West Indies have left our Roston Chase this afternoon. I had him pencilled in to bat at four and Kieron Pollard had been very complimentary of him in the build-up, lauding the balance he brings amongst all the big-hitters.

He got a half-century in one of the warm-ups and had a terrific CPL but he’s made to wait for his chance.

14:44 , Malik Ouzia

An update on Mark Wood from the England camp is that they are expecting him to be fit for the second game. You’d hope so, because with no Jofra Archer, his high pace is so, so crucial.

West Indies team news

14:41 , Malik Ouzia

West Indies XI: Lewis, Simmons, Gayle, Hetmyer, Pooran, Pollard, Russell, Bravo, Hosein, McCoy, Rampaul

14:38 , Malik Ouzia

Eoin Morgan says that both Mark Wood and Tom Curran haven’t quite recovered from the warm-up game against New Zealand in midweek.

The former’s absence is a big blow, but perhaps made Morgan’s team selection a little easier. They’ve gone slightly batter heavy.

England team news

14:35 , Malik Ouzia

England XI: Roy, Buttler, Malan, Bairstow, Livingstone, Morgan, Moeen, Woakes, Jordan, Rashid, Mills

England win the toss!

14:34 , Malik Ouzia

Unsurprisingly, given the expected dew-factor later on, they’re going to have a bowl.

The toss and team news coming up any moment...

14:30 , Malik Ouzia

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

West Indies squad

13:58 , George Flood

Kieron Pollard, Nicholas Pooran, Fabian Allen, Dwayne Bravo, Roston Chase, Andre Fletcher, Chris Gayle, Shimron Hetmyer, Evin Lewis, Obed McCoy, Lendl Simmons, Ravi Rampaul, Andre Russell, Oshane Thomas, Hayden Walsh Jr

England squad

13:40 , George Flood

Eoin Morgan, Moeen Ali, Jonathan Bairstow, Sam Billings, Jos Buttler, Tom Curran, Chris Jordan, Liam Livingstone, Dawid Malan, Tymal Mills, Adil Rashid, Jason Roy, David Willey, Chris Woakes, Mark Wood

England vs West Indies prediction

13:23 , George Flood

With such a strong toss bias expected in this tournament, it’s difficult to make bullish predictions when assessing meetings between two such evenly matched sides.

England have, however, developed such a winning habit in white-ball cricket that perhaps they’re the more likely winner of this opener.

England to win.

West Indies team news

13:17 , George Flood

West Indies, meanwhile, have a power-packed batting lineup but there is less certainty over the makeup of their bowling attack.

The spin of all-rounder Roston Chase could provide balance off the back of a superb campaign in the Caribbean Premier League.

England team news

13:12 , George Flood

England’s plans for the tournament have been complicated by the absences of Ben Stokes, Jofra Archer and Sam Curran.

The main selection dilemma ahead of the opener concerns the balance of the side, with batter Dawid Malan possibly at risk of losing his place to make room for an extra bowler.

Where to watch England vs West Indies

13:10 , George Flood

TV channel: The match will be televised on Sky Sports Cricket and Main Event.

Live stream: Sky Sports subscribers will be able to watch the match online via the website or Sky Go app.

Date, time and venue

13:09 , George Flood

England vs West Indies is scheduled for a 3pm BST start today - Saturday, October 23, 2021.

The match will be played at the Dubai International Stadium.


13:06 , George Flood

Good afternoon and welcome to Standard Sport’s LIVE coverage of the T20 World Cup as the Super 12 stage gets underway.

It’s England vs West Indies in Dubai this afternoon, with Malik Ouzia guiding you through the action.

Stay tuned for live updates!

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