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Ensurge Micropower ASA - Disclosure of Large Shareholding

Ensurge Micropower ASA
Ensurge Micropower ASA

This disclosure is sent on behalf of Alden AS, a shareholder in Ensurge Micropower ASA (the "Company").

Reference is made to the announcement by the Company on 8 November 2022 regarding a completed private placement in the Company, and further reference is made to the description in the announcement relating to the share lending agreement between the Company, the managers and Alden AS, pursuant to which Alden AS has agreed to the lending of shares in connection with the private placement.

As a result of the share lending, Alden AS discloses the following information pursuant to Section 4-2 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the Securities Trading Act Regulations:

On 10 November 2022, following execution of the share loan, and the subsequent temporary disposal of 17,500,000 shares in the Company, Alden AS’ holdings of shares went from 23,679,132 shares (10.92%) to 6,179,132 shares (2.85%).

Following the temporary disposal of shares, Alden AS’ holdings represent 2.85% of the outstanding shares and votes in the Company.