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Ensurge Micropower ASA - Disclosure of Large Shareholdings

Ensurge Micropower ASA
Ensurge Micropower ASA

This disclosure is sent on behalf of a certain large shareholder in Ensurge Micropower ASA (the "Company").

Reference is made to the announcement by the Company on 14 March 2023 regarding the approval of the Private Placement of 500,000,000 new shares by the Extraordinary General Meeting. Having been allocated new shares in the Private Placement, Robert Napier Keith discloses the following information pursuant to Section 4-2 and Section 4-3 of the Norwegian Securities Trading Act and the Securities Trading Act Regulations.

After the issuance of new shares in the Private Placement, and upon registration of the Private Placement in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and subsequent delivery of shares, the shareholding of Robert Napier Keith will represent 11,64 % of the Company's total number of outstanding shares, holding a total of 86.642.557 shares in the Company.

The disclosure obligation was triggered by Robert Napier Keith crossing below the 15 % threshold of total number of voting rights and shares in Ensurge Micropower ASA.

15 March 2023

Ensurge Micropower ASA