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Euler Tools Announces the Biggest UX/UI Upgrade to Simplify User Experience

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Blockchain analytics platform Euler Tools has rolled out the biggest UX/UI upgrade of the system. Now, operating tokens on Euler Tools is much easier and faster, being as simple as Google search. The user experience is reduced to the smoothest features and data solutions that make the platform usage intuitive and lightning fast.

BARCELONA, Spain, June 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Euler Tools has officially launched extensive updates of the system focused on the most convenient user experience. Updates have been made to the log in, wallets, tokens, portfolios, pairs, and search bar sections. All the improvements allow the platform's users to utilize advanced features and data solutions with the utmost ease.

Tech details on the upgrade

Among the new available features are easy token and pair search bar, multi-selector of the exchange, fast adding tokens to portfolios, clearly presented BSC information calculated and provided by Euler Tools, full info stack from Coingecko including the data for other networks besides BSC. This is a pool of updates concerning tokens and is only one part of the full upgrade.

Equally important is the addition of a "Wallets" section that is individually maintained in terms of assets calculation. Each wallet is integrated with a yield manager to calculate the user's LP tokens-Staking performance. Also, the users can easily review and improve their portfolio condition as now managing tokens, pairs, transactions, addresses, or contracts is fully available in the "Portfolio" section.

Search bar upgrade has become one of the most important improvements. Not only tokens or pairs can be easily found there, but also any pair, token, transaction, block, or addresses from BSC can be searched without being out.

As a supplement, a better log in function is a tiny, but noticeable detail. The user is protected from getting their portfolio or any information lost due to User ID which can now be linked to Wallet ID. Furthermore, when registering, only User ID and password is required.

About Euler Tools

Euler Tools is a blockchain analytics platform that combines blockchain with education and provides all the information in a single, easy-to-use place with a clear interface. Euler Tools features include providing such data as real-time notifications, real-time pricing and pool data, and exploring blockchain tools. Its main intention is to enable full-scale blockchain adoption.

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