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Europe-Distillates-Diesel cracks ease, Shell shuts Pernis unit

LONDON, Dec 9 (Reuters) - Benchmark northwest European diesel refining margins eased on Monday but were supported by Royal Dutch Shell's shutdown of half of Europe's largest refinery. * Shell said it had shut a unit at its Pernis oil refinery in the Netherlands after a crude spill a day earlier. Industry monitor Genscape said the 200,000 barrel-per-day (bpd) crude unit (CD6) was shut on Monday morning. * The refinery is Europe's largest and has a capacity to process 404,000 bpd of crude. * U.S. oil refiners are expected to have 268,000 bpd of capacity offline for the week ending Dec. 13, increasing available refining capacity by 279,000 bpd from the previous week, research company IIR Energy said on Monday. * The crude unit of Marathon Petroleum's Catlettsburg refinery will be taken offline for maintenance in August 2020, according to a source familiar with operations at the plant. The refinery, located in northeast Kentucky, has a crude processing capacity of 277,000 bpd. * Air France will operate 75% of its domestic flights Tuesday due to strike. Gasoil Trades Bids Offers Previous Seller Buyer Session 0.1 GO Dec Barge -$13.50 diffs fob /-$14.0 ARA per 0 tonne <GO-ED-AR A> 0.1 GO 2 Cargo cargoes diffs cif NWE NWE per flat, tonne NWE +$2 <GO-CND-N (Le WE> Havre) 0.1 GO Cargo diffs cif Med per tonne <GO-CND-M ED> 50ppm Dec Dec barge -$4.50 -$5.50 diffs fob ARA per tonne <GO50PPM- ED-ARA> Diesel Trades Bids Offers Previous Seller Buyer Session Diesel Dec Dec -$1 Glenco Vitol barge $-1 - re diffs fob $-1.25 ARA (6.35KT Per tonne ) <ULSD10-B D-ARA> Diesel Jan +$8 Dec cargo (cif Le +$6.75 diffs cif Havre) (cif NWE Amsterd Per tonne Dec +$3 am) <ULSD10-A (cif NYD-NWE> Amsterd am) Dec +$6.75 (cif Thames) Diesel Dec cargo +$8.5 diffs cif (Lavera Med ) per tonne <DL-CIFD- MED> Jet fuel Trades Bids Offers Previous Sell Buy Session Jet fuel Jan Jan KLM Shell barge +$29 +$29-$33 diffs fob FARAG per tonne <JET-BD-A RA> Jet fuel CCM Dec cargo -$2.50 +$41 cif NWE (Rotter (Le per tonne dam) Havre) <JET-CD-N Jan + WE> $38 (Rotter dam) Fuel Oil Trades Bids Offers Previous Sell Buy Session 0.5% barge $482 $490 fob ARA per tonne 3.5% barge $228-$2 Litasc BP, fob ARA per 29 o Shell tonne (6KT) <HFO-ARA> ICE Low Sulphur Gasoil Diesel crack <LGOc1-LCOc1> Diesel spread <LGOc1-LGOc2> (Reporting by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin; Editing by Pravin Char)