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Eurotunnel owner Getlink says Brexit uncertainty has hit sales

Joanna Bourke
A Eurotunnel freight shuttle exits the Channel Tunnel in Coquelles, near Calais, northern France: REUTERS

Brexit uncertainty and political unrest in France have resulted in an €18 million (£15.2 million) negative impact on the Channel Tunnel operator’s revenues.

Getlink said its Eurotunnel business was disrupted by a number of headwinds in 2019.

Truck traffic dropped 6% to 1.6 million vehicles during the year and car numbers were 2% lower to 2.6 million.

The firm struggled as would-be passengers delayed trips amid uncertainty about passport rules for when Britain leaves the EU, and some businesses delaying moving goods on lorries until there was more clarity on Brexit.

On the French side of the Channel, the company was hit by customs officers striking last spring over conditions, and anti-government yellow-vest street protests deterring some Brits from visits to France.

Jacques Gounon, chief executive of Getlink, said: “In spite of this we delivered a solid performance.”

Group sales edged up marginally to nearly €1.1 billion, with growth in other parts of the transport business helping offset the Eurotunnel headaches.

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