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Facebook logins sold on the dark web for just £3

Photo: Kon Karampelas/Unsplash
Research has uncovered that someone’s entire personal identity can be purchased online for less than £750. Photo: Kon Karampelas/Unsplash

About 267 million Facebook users’ data has been exposed on the dark web for as little as £3.

Research from price comparison experts Money Guru has uncovered that someone’s entire personal identity can be purchased online for less than £750 — £744.30 to be exact.

This can include usernames, passwords, email addresses and any personal details associated with your account including name, address, and phone numbers.

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The data was found on an insecure database by cybersecurity firm Comparitech and reported on 19 December.

Facebook logins can be bought for just £3, and email logins for as little as £2.10.

All criminals need to access the dark web is the “Tor Browser”, a VPN, and an internet connection, the research found. It takes less than 10 minutes to create an anonymous account, select someone’s data from the marketplace and reach a payment screen.

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Criminals can then buy financial information such as credit card, debit card, online marketing, and PayPal details for a total of £619.40.

Online shopping accounts including Amazon prime, Groupon, eBay, and Tesco can be added for as little as £30.30.

Travel accounts such as Airbnb, British Airways, Uber, and Expedia can cost as little as £26.40.

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Meanwhile, entertainment services like Apple ID, Netflix, Spotify, Tidal, and Steam can be accessed for £27.90.

Social media accounts like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter cost just £18.40.

Email and communication accounts like AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and T-Mobile cost about £21.90.

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About 50 million users were already affected by Facebook's previous hack in 2018.

MoneyGuru said: “For less than £750 criminals can access not only your bank details but online shopping, social media and email information too.

“This just goes to show how vital it is to protect your data where possible to avoid facing costly consequences.”

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