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Fallout’s Walton Goggins Had A Really Funny Reaction After Seeing The Viral Trailer For The New TV Series

 Walton Goggins' The Ghoul holding tranquilizer needle in Fallout.
Walton Goggins' The Ghoul holding tranquilizer needle in Fallout.

One of the most anticipated streaming shows of the year is Amazon Studios’ Fallout adaptation, as the post-apocalyptic source material remains one of the most popular video game franchises out there. The show boasts some big names among its cast and crew, with star Walton Goggins a surefire standout in everything he’s attached to. The same no doubt goes for his new villainous role of The Ghoul, whose specific look inspired the actor’s hilarious reaction to watching the viral trailer that gave the world their first extended look at this universe.

Walton Goggins visited Fallout’s exhibit at SXSW on the same weekend the trailer was released, helping to get fans with Amazon Prime subscriptions pumped about seeing what Vault life will be like in live-action. And when the Justified vet spoke to Den of Geek about it, he quickly brought up how much The Ghoul’s visage made him appreciate his schnoz. Here’s how he put it:

I’ve gotta be honest with you. The one thing I’m more grateful for than anything in my life right now is my nose, I give it so much love, I look at it every day, especially after that trailer that was released. Thank God I have a nose.


Anyone who’s seen the trailer, or even just the Ghoul shot above, likely felt the same sense of discomfort upon seeing The Ghoul’s centuries-old face, particularly the mini-chasm where a nose used to be. The skeletal look can be extremely off-putting, especially when Goggins delivers one of his signature wide-mouth grins, so I can easily understand why playing the antagonist for months on end would make him start to re-appreciate his own nose.

Not that it’s all about looks, of course. There’s also the very practical question of: “what fresh hell would life be like without a nose?” One would only be able to commit to half of the adage duties of waking up and smelling the roses. And I have a few other questions about that character’s daily existence…

  • What happens if The Ghoul sneezes?

  • Does The Ghoul get sinus headaches?

  • Would The Ghoul look cool with a piercing in his nose hole?

  • Do bugs ever fly or crawl into The Ghoul’s nose hole?

Not that I expect Fallout to answer ALL of those inquiries, but perhaps one or two would suffice. I'd also like to know if the character gets offended when people tell him something he's looking for is right under his nose.

For anyone who hasn't seen it yet, or desires a glorious refresher, check out the full Fallout trailer below.

While I'm not sure anyone will come away from Fallout feeling sympathy for his Ghoul-ness, Walton Goggins shared a detail about filming that might spark some good-natured support for the actor himself. Because apparently playing someone who looks like a monster has the same effect as actually being one. In his words:

The thing I was most surprised about, other than actually seeing it come to life whenever we got to these sets, I didn’t anticipate how lonely it would be for me as the Ghoul. It was a process. When I first walked out of the trailer, people either couldn’t take their eyes off you or didn’t want to look at you at all. I felt very closed in that experience. I was just alone inside of this guy’s head.

Even knowing that it's Walton Goggins beneath the makeup apparently wasn't enough for everybody on the set. It appears not everyone is perfectly okay with having conversations with someone whose face looks like a tanned skull.

All eight Fallout Season 1 episodes will debut on Prime Video on Thursday, April 11. While waiting to get your hands on a six-pack of Nuka Cola, head to our 2024 TV schedule to see what other big shows are on the way.