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Fans Praise Chris Evans for Sharing Emotional Tweet on His Mental Health

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Fans Praise Chris Evans for Sharing Emotional Tweet on His Mental Health

Not only does Chris Evans have impeccable style and a great physique, but he's also refreshingly honest about his mental health and regularly comments on his relationship with anxiety with his social media followers.

The Avengers and Knives Out star shared a Tweet on Friday, writing "Nothing like anxiety for no reason whatsoever. Looking like a 4pm bedtime for me. Happy Friday!"

Needless to say, Evans' fans quickly showed their support for the 40-year-old actor. "The way it strangely makes me feel seen that Chris Evans is being this relatable," said one fan. "Sleep easy tonight, king."

"The way I’ll never stop loving you for talking about mental health… thank you," wrote another.

It's not the first time that the vibranium-wielding all-Amerian action hero has commented on his struggles with mental ill health.

"[Captain America] was a big commitment," Evans previously revealed in an interview. "If the movie hits, your life noticeably changes. If someone in your family is in the hospital, and you’re going in and out and people are taking pictures of and you complain, it’s too bad. You made this bed, sleep in it."

"I do struggle. I get anxiety about certain things and press, things like that," Evans continued, explaining how he initially turned down the role of Captain America. "Maybe the thing you’re most scared of is actually the thing you should do... I asked every human being in my life what they thought, and they said I should do the movie, and then I went to therapy. I thought, ‘I’ll talk to my therapist! See what they have to say!’"

In a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Evans admitted that the Avengers franchise was "the best decision I've ever made, and I really owe that to [Marvel chief] Kevin Feige for being persistent and helping me avoid making a giant mistake," he said. "To be honest, all the things that I was fearing never really came to fruition."

"Hemsworth and I were very new and we also had the stand-alones and so I think we shared in our anxiety, and at least that made it a little bit more comforting."

Power to you, Chris!

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