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'Fear TWD' coshowrunner says season 6 doesn't close the door on potential Madison return

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feartwd 213 madison alicia
Andrew Chambliss told Insider he doesn't think season six closed the door on a potential Madison return. The character will always be a part of who Alicia is. Richard Foreman Jr/AMC
  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for "Fear TWD" season 6.

  • Fans have been hoping to see the potential return of Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) on the show.

  • Coshowrunner Andrew Chambliss tells Insider he doesn't think the door is closed on Madison's story.

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"Fear TWD" season six may not be the last time we hear about Madison Clark, the fan-favorite character who seemingly died in 2018's fourth season of the show.

When asked if this season's final few episodes were meant to offer closure on Madison's story arc for fans, coshowrunner Andrew Chambliss told Insider, "Madison is always going to be a part of who Alicia is and a part of the fabric of the show. I don't think that closes the door on anything. I think we're just going to have to wait and see where the story goes."

One of the show's former protagonists, Madison was seemingly killed off when she sacrificed herself to a group of the undead at a baseball stadium in order to save her friends and family.

Though we never saw her death onscreen, it was presumed she was ripped apart by the undead.

madison clark feartwd alive dead
Fans see a flashback on season four, episode eight which shows Madison seemingly sacrificing herself to save her children and friends. AMC, Insider composite

On season six, Alicia comes face to face with Cole (Sebastian Sozzi) and other survivors from the stadium who she presumed dead years ago.

"The references to Madison in the back-half of the story, really in terms of Alicia, were about her kind of questioning who she wants to be and what she's going to take from her mother and what she's going to be going forward," Chambliss said.

fear twd 614 cole alicia
Cole and Alicia are briefly reunited on season six, episode 14 of "Fear." Ryan Green/AMC

The showrunners have considered bringing Madison back

When asked about the chances of whether we'll see Dickens again - even if it were just in a flashback - Chambliss told Insider in November 2020, "It's definitely something we talk about."

From my conversations with the duo and a separate conversation with Scott Gimple last fall, it seems like they may have wanted to bring Dickens back, but it could be a matter of scheduling and/or convincing the actress to return.

Could Dickens show up elsewhere in "TWD" universe again?

madison clark kim dickens feartwd 402
Madison is likely a distant memory that this show will continue to hang over our heads. Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

If Cole survived, it certainly makes a case that Madison could still be out there.

But it's getting more and more difficult to hold out hope for a potential return. After waiting nearly three years, it seems like a tedious thing to drag out at this point.

Something like a few nuclear blasts on the season six finale could certainly bring her out of hiding.

At this point, either show us the body and Madison's death or bring her back. Fans are getting tired of being baited by the show's social media handle with a chance at her return.

For our full, spoiler-filled season six finale interview with "Fear TWD" showrunners Chambliss and Ian Goldberg, head over here.

You can follow along with our ongoing "TWD" universe coverage here.

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