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Feintool drives sustainable development

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In 2020, the Feintool Group made significant progress in sustainable development: The share of renewable energy in the electricity mix was increased by more than 12 percent year-on-year to 30 percent. Since the beginning of 2021, all plants in Germany have also been sourcing 100 percent green electricity. In its new Sustainability Report for 2020 published today, the technology group has documented facts and figures relating to its sustainability strategy.

"Climate change requires a transformation in products, production and society. We want to actively drive these change processes with high-performance sheet metal technology for the mobility of tomorrow, with globally attractive jobs and a continuous reduction of our ecological footprint to climate neutrality," explains Knut Zimmer, CEO of Feintool. "Following our second sustainability report - embedded in our Strategy 2030 - we are now taking the next step: by working on a roadmap with specific targets concerning environment and talent development," says the CEO.

On the product side, Feintool is well positioned as a technology leader in fineblanking and a specialist in forming and electric sheet stamping for e-mobility. The group supplies precision technology for all powertrains - and is working on the global roll-out of main components for electric motors. Our development results for high-precision, so-called metallic bipolar plates, which are installed in fuel cells of hydrogen vehicles, are much in demand.

On the operational ecology side, the focus is on reducing CO2 emissions. Due to targeted environmental projects at nine plants worldwide, 2,500 megawatt hours of energy have been saved. This corresponds to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of around 1,400 metric tons of CO2 equivalents (tCO2e). Mainly due to the Corona pandemic, but also due to the implemented measures, total energy consumption decreased, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 totaling around 40,000 tCO2e, a decrease of more than 15 percent compared to 2019. Regardless of the pandemic, Feintool took a big step forward in its electricity mix, increasing the share of renewable energy sources to 30 percent, an increase of more than 12 percent points.

In the new Sustainability Report 2020, Feintool has visualized its value creation for the first time. The company's contribution to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) was included for the first time: Feintool generates knowledge, develops innovations, creates suitable working conditions and operates effective environmental management in order to enable sustainable mobility, sustainable and fair jobs and ultimately prosperity.

The Sustainability Report 2020 is available at All key figures can be found at

About Feintool
Feintool is an internationally active technology and market leader in the field of fineblanking. This technology is characterized by cost-effectiveness, highest quality and productivity. As a driver of innovation, we continually expand the horizons of fineblanking and develop intelligent solutions to meet the requirements of our customers: either fineblanking systems with innovative tools or the complete production of precise fineblanked, formed and stamped electro lamination components in high outputs for demanding industrial applications. The processes used support the trends in the automotive industry. Feintool acts as a project and development partner in the areas of lightweight construction/sustainability, module variations/platforms and alternative drive concepts such as hybrid and electric drives. The company, founded in 1959 and headquartered in Lyss, Switzerland, owns its production plants and technology centers in Europe, the United States, China and Japan, always making sure to be geographically close to its customers. Around 2,600 employees and over 80 trainees work worldwide on new solutions and create key advantages for Feintool customers.

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