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A female goose in the US tries to “break into” a clinic to be close to her mate as he was having surgery

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This lady goose tried to "break into" a clinic to be close to her mate as he was having surgery. Staff at the Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable, Massachusetts got a surprise last week when the mate of a goose they were treating showed up at their door. "As we prepared to sedate Arnold and get him ready for surgery, we heard a faint tapping at the clinic door," said a rep. for the the non-profit. "We turned to see that his mate had waddled up onto the porch and was attempting to break into our clinic. Staff had noticed Arnold, who lives on a pond near their facility, limping and falling over. They were able him capture him and bring him in for an exam where they found he had two open-fractures on his foot and scheduled him for surgery the next morning. As they readied Arnold the next day, they heard a tapping at the clinic door and looked up to see his mate, whom they named Amelia, at the door. "She had somehow located him and was agitated that she could not get inside," said a rep. "She remained at the door throughout the entire procedure, watching us work, never moving from the doorway." Arnold's surgery went well, and he shared a meal with Amelia when it was all over. "Once Arnold woke from anesthesia and the wound was closed and bandaged, we decided to let him recover by the doorway so that he could see his mate," said a rep. "His mate immediately calmed down and began to groom him through the door. They both seemed much more at ease in each other's presence." A week later, Arnold is making positive progress and staff have even managed to set up a temporary pen near the door so that Arnold and Amelia could share food together. Arnold will be kept at the hospital while he finishes his medications and then transferred to an outdoor pen to re-acclimate before he is released. Amelia shows no plans of leaving until Arnold is fully recovered. "We suspect he will be up and waddling in no time," said a rep. "Amelia, remains close by and still visits the porch daily." Geese typically mate for life with very low "divorce rates," and pairs usually remain together throughout the year.

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