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Fidelity Asian Values Plc - Compliance with Market Abuse Regulations

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Fidelity Asian Values PLC (“the Company”)


Compliance with Market Abuse Regulations

The Company wishes to notify the market that the closed period of the Company in relation to its half-yearly results for the period ended 31 July 2022 commences today and is anticipated to end no sooner than 4 October 2022.

The Company confirms that all inside information (as defined in the EU Market Abuse Regulation) which the Directors and the Company may have held has been notified to a regulatory information service. Accordingly, in the absence of any new undisclosed inside information arising, the Company is not prohibited from dealing in its own securities during this closed period.

Anna-Marie Davis
For and on behalf of FIL Investments International
Company Secretary
01737 834798

5 September 2022