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Five garden offices that will expand your home without blowing the budget

A modern garden office. Photo: Getty

More of us are working from home in today’s economy so we often need a little bit of domestic office space. But home extensions can be expensive, long-winded, and highly stressful—even if everything goes right.

If you can’t or don’t want to extend your home to accommodate an office, there may be another way.

Garden offices are often cheaper and quicker to build than traditional home extensions. Yet they can also be just as attractive as some of the best extensions out there.

Another plus is that the planning rules are looser too, with automatic approval for structures that adhere to the regulations in place.

Among other rules, structures can be no taller than 2.5 metres and they must not take up more than 50% of the garden area when combined with any other buildings that may already exist.

So if you are looking for some office space without blowing the budget, here are five options worth considering.

Dunster House, Titania Garden Office: £4,999

This timber structure is cosy but also offers ample space for a desk, storage, and more. There is plenty of glass to bring in the light and the product boasts “a unique high-quality roof, with excellent thermal insulation,” according to the advert.

Tuin, Yorick Garden Office: £4.293.76

The Yorick is designed to be a spacious and light garden office but the advert also says it could be a home pub, too. There is an attractive canopy and a range of optional extras you can add on, including guttering, a heavy duty wooden floor, and various treatments to the wood.

Shedstore, Forest Sancerre (Mendip): £4,099

This roomy garden office resembles a chalet and is made from thick Nordic Spruce trees. “Additional insulation, solar lighting and underfloor heating are also available on this log cabin for ultimate comfort,” the advert says.

BuyShedsDirect, Forest Romanee (Melbury): £2,899

This is a compact garden office though there is plenty of space for a large desk, storage, and more. There are large windows and French doors, making the space feel light and airy inside. “The pent roof creates a modern aesthetic while the superior tongue and groove construction – including the roof and floor – ensures a robust and durable build,” the advert says.

Garden Buildings Direct, BillyOh Seattle Home Office, £1,999

The basic version of this office comes in at under £2,000 making it an affordable option, but it’s also highly customisable for an extra cost. The space is large and light, with room for three decent-sized desks.