Five reasons to visit this enchanting and beautiful toy museum this Easter

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HMS Maine model in the Brighton Toy and Model Museum <i>(Image: The Argus)</i>
HMS Maine model in the Brighton Toy and Model Museum (Image: The Argus)

BRIGHTON Toy and Model Museum now has a new audio guide to provide a more lively and enriching experience.

We visited the museum under Brighton station and found that the new addition helps provide wonderful insight for adults enjoying a bit of nostalgia and youngsters having a look at some of these vintage items for the first time.

Here are five of our highlights.

  1. Surgeon and commander Edward John Littledale served on the hospital ship the HMHS Maine off Malta during the second World War. In his spare time he built a small model of the ship (main story picture) from scratch and took it home to his family, inspiring a love of toys and models in his son Chris, who went on to found the Brighton Toy and Model Museum, still working there today. The model's display base is part of the deck of the original ship.

The Argus:
The Argus:

2. Punch and Judy - Who doesn’t love Punch and Judy? But did you know it came from Italy in the 1600s as Pulcinella? At the museum you can see Jack Ketch the Constable, Judy and Baby, Punch, the Doctor and the Devil, just beware of those sausages.

The Argus:
The Argus:

3 The East Cliff Railway in Hastings inspires an amazing display. It is nearly 40 years old. There are more active trains that you can press the starter button for too. One heads off around most of the museum and you can follow it round,

The Argus:
The Argus:

4 The games. Ok so don’t expect to win big. If you get your 10p back you’ll be lucky. They have antique games that you can actually still play. Chris must’ve had to repair these a fair few times over the years but it was worth it. Can you apply just the right amount of force to land your coin in a winning slot?

5 The audio guides themselves are amazing. It is a joy to stroll around this enchanting museum and take the time to listen to more of the background behind the displays. The information displays show lots of good detail but the audio guide adds warmth and more insight.

Enhanced Experience, a small Sussex company founded by entrepreneurs Alex Hedger and Adam Baxter created the audio guide. They wanted to revolutionise attraction visits by ‘Telling a Story With Every Tap’.

Alex said: “Gone are the days of dry information in museum and visitor attractions as people now expect to ‘experience’ them rather than simply visiting. Our tech turns attractions into interactive and immersive story-telling opportunities which entertain as well as informing.”

“Not only does Enhanced Experience deliver new experiences to visitors it also opens doors for smaller venues with a unique business model which ensures all attractions can offer big experiences without the big outlay usually associated with high-tech audio systems.”

Baxter and Hedger were excited to launch their first two Enhanced Experience sites in early 2023, at The Brighton Toy and Model Museum’ and the new Bizarre But True’ oddity museum in Hastings.

Brighton Toy and Model Museum is in Trafalgar Street, see for more information and prices