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Six new versions of puzzle game 2048 that you have to try

Peter Spence

First 2048 took the internet by storm, then came the clones.

Developer Gabriele Cirulli tells us that the addictive puzzler now boasts over 4m visitors

And as the 19 year old Italian made the game's code open source, coders have been able to make their own spin-offs the game.

Cirruli says that the internet has "gone crazy with that".

The addictive puzzler now boasts several new ways to play. Here are some of the best.

Doge 2048

Combining the internet's favourite meme and its new favourite game, this version replaces numbered tiles with various pictures of a cute shiba inu.

Without the numbers it's a notch harder than the original, we don't recommend this until you've mastered the first.

Doctor Who 2048

Similar to the Doge variant, but replacing tiles with the actors of the BBC's Doctor Who TV series. Try it here.

UsVsTh3m have managed to make a harder challenge still, as this version of the game is pretty monochrome. On that basis we recommend you don't try to play the game at high speeds.

But don't worry if you're struggling with the original, the game's creator tells us he hasn't managed to win the game himself. Here's our strategy guide to defeating it.

Easy and Extreme 2048

Some iterations are just plain ridiculous. See 4 and Jenny Peng's 2048. At least the latter involves some nice Final Fantasy victory music upon success.

If you really hate yourself, then Masochism Edition 2048 with its invisible numbers or 9007199254740992's vast grid might be for you. Apparently the latter will take 30,000 years, if you're making 4000 (correct) moves a second that is. Best of luck.

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