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The Flash's Jesse L. Martin Explained Why He's Hyped For Grant Gustin's Next Big Project, And It's So Heartwarming

 Jesse L. Martin and Grant Gustin on The Flash.
Jesse L. Martin and Grant Gustin on The Flash.

The Flash ended on The CW last year, yet I'm still getting emotional over how close some of the cast appears to be in the present day. Even now that he's off doing his own thing on the 2024 TV schedule, Jesse L. Martin is still pumped about the latest project his former co-star Grant Gustin is gearing up for. With no need to worry about The Irrational coming back for Season 2, Martin recently revealed his excitement about Gustin finally making the jump to Broadway, and it's just so heartwarming.

Martin -- whose latest series, The Irrational, is available to stream with a Peacock Premium subscription -- recently spoke to Screen Rant about his excitement for an upcoming project starring his former television son/son-in-law, Grant Gustin. He talked about the Barry Allen actor's upcoming stint on Broadway in Water For Elephants and why he's so thrilled to see that happen:

What I am really hyped about now is Grant Gustin is probably one of the most talented people on the planet. And what Grant has been wanting to do forever was to get on stage and, God bless, he's now going to make his Broadway debut in Water for Elephants, which I cannot wait to see. I can't wait to see what happens with all the other characters even in the further Arrowverse. Everybody's spread out and doing their thing. But I'm particularly interested in seeing Grant get his final joy to be on Broadway. I can't wait to see that.

It makes sense that Jesse L. Martin would be excited about Grant Gustin's Broadway debut, given his past. Martin has previously performed on Broadway in Timon Of Athens, The Government Inspector, and The Merchant Of Venice in addition to being part of the original cast of Rent. It's clear he understands the accomplishment of making it to one of the world's greatest stages for theater and how much Gustin has wanted to perform on Broadway.

The Flash Star Grant Gustin Once Rocked The Superman Curl, And Don’t Go Giving James Gunn Ideas

Grant Gustin wearing The Flash uniform without mask
Grant Gustin wearing The Flash uniform without mask

If he can't play The Flash, maybe he could be an alt-universe Superman?

Grant Gustin even expressed how much of an honor it was to star in Water For Elephants, noting it was his dream since childhood to perform on Broadway. While the actor had previous opportunities to sing on The Flash, like the musical crossover with Supergirl, there was never a ton of time between shooting seasons, so he wasn't able to pursue a theater project of this magnitude.

It's great for me as a fan to see Jesse L. Martin cheering on Grant Gustin, and it brings me back to the great moments their characters shared on The Flash. That's especially comforting at a time in which we now know Superman & Lois will end with Season 4, presumably bringing an end to what remains of the Arrowverse that The Flash and other DC hero shows helped bolster for close to a decade. I wish it could've gone on forever, but given Gustin's life changes in the latter seasons, I get why he needed it to end. Now, both his co-star and I are thrilled about what's to come.

Those who won't have a chance to catch Grant Gustin on Broadway, you can always watch his old episodes of The Flash with a Netflix subscription. It's worth the rewatch. While you do that, we'll be sure to keep you posted on all the career updates coming from the beloved cast of The Flash.