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'Flying Beast' Gaurav Taneja hits crazy records with 'Rashbhari Ke Papa'; learn more

·4-min read

Whistleblower pilot and immensely popular lifestyle and fitness vlogger Gaurav Taneja starts his third YouTube channel, Rashbhari Ke Papa, and creates mindboggling records in a day, or shall we say, less than an hour?

The crazy fandom Gaurav Taneja enjoys can give the who’s who in mainstream cinema some serious complex. Pilot by profession, Gaurav now helms three YouTube channels. Fit Muscle TV is his fitness channel and also the oldest among the three.

In December 2017, he started Flying Beast which, at a staggering 3.2 million, is one of India’s most popular vlogging channels. On his birthday this year, which is July 8th, 2020, Gaurav introduced his new gaming channel, Rashbhari Ke Papa. Here are some more interesting facts about the YouTuber and his channels.

Odd records of ‘Rashbhari Ke Papa’

The gaming channel gained its first 100 thousand subscribers in less than an hour, in 40 minutes to be precise. With this Gaurav makes the record of hitting the fastest 100 thousand subscribers ever. Before completing 24 hours, the channel has clocked in over 600 thousand subscribers, and his first introductory video has already been viewed for over 1.5 million times. What’s more? The channel also boasts the record of having 87 fake channels aping to be him in less than 12 hours. Now that’s an achievement.

Standing against AirAsia

A brave pilot, Captain Taneja has risked his job to save lives. Back in June, Gaurav blew the lid off the alleged malpractices adopted by AirAsia and accused the aviation company of shocking safety violations.

Read more about it here.

Youtuber pilot Gaurav Taneja, aka "Flying Beast", accuses AirAsia of shocking safety violations

Promotes Indian Tourism

While he gives fitness tips to his audience through Fit Muscle TV, it is Flying Beast that made him popular even among people who are not into fitness. Through Flying Beast, he promoted the idea of Indian Tourism immensely and encouraged people to see remote but mesmerising locations within the country.

The fun family

He is joined by his family, which consists of wife Captain Ritu Rathee and his 2-year-old daughter Kaira, in his vlogging channel ‘Flying Beast’. His parents and the adorable house help also make occasional appearances in his videos to enrich them with humour and amusing rustic flavours.

Gaurav Taneja with his parents inaugurating their 'home gym'; Source: Gaurav Taneja's Instagram
Gaurav Taneja with his parents inaugurating their 'home gym'; Source: Gaurav Taneja's Instagram

Fan Kahan Hain?

The gaming channel is named after his daughter Kaira, who is lovingly known as Rashbhari. Anyone having a bad day must watch a random video of Rashbhari being cute for a whole 5 minutes. The cherubic toddler can light up moods in minutes, and has several fan accounts dedicated to her on Instagram and YouTube. Her little antics, like putting the hands up every time she’s asked “Fan Kahan hain” is her own USP.

Unfulfilled Engineering Dreams

Gaurav had started off with the aim of becoming an engineer and had pursued civil engineering from IIT Kharagpur. But he soon found his calling in aviation and joined Indigo as First Officer in August 2011. Nothing gone wasted as he does put his learnings from his engineering days to use around the house. Making a bathtub for his daughter was one such DIY.

Nosey Padosi

During the lock-down period, the Delhi-based vlogger and his wife were stuck in their hometown, Kanpur. A neighbour had tipped off the authorities about them, suspecting they could be infected with Covid-19. The couple had to go through a tough time dealing with the situation.

Middle-class mannerisms don’t go easily

Though the husband-wife duo can shower luxuries of all kinds on their only child, they have not allowed fame and money to take them away from their middle-class roots. It shows when they do budget shopping from standalone shops for their little one. They also make it a point to not buy expensive toys for the toddler.

Man who dares to call his wife...

What keeps the audience glued to their home videos is the sweet-n-sour chemistry shared by the pilot couple. Their fights are endearing and the lovey-dovey moments would make you go awwwww. They claim they have never called each other “baby” or “babe”. The husband calls his perfectly fit wife, “Mota”. Dum hai!

Want to be a part of this fun family? Here you go:

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