Former Guinness Peat Chairman trims his stake...again



LONDON (ShareCast) - Sir Ron Brierley, a non-executive director of Guinness Peat Group (GPG), sold five million shares in the investment holding company for a second week running.

Brierley, a well-known New Zealand investor, offloaded the shares on Wednesday at a price of A$0.47 each (30.31p), pocketing a total of A$2.35m (around £1.52m). This follows his £1.55m sale on December 12th.

The director, who joined GPG in 1990 and was running as Chairman until 2010, trimmed his stake to 2.01%, from 2.33% after the last sale.

The sales come after the stock's recent rise; over the last six months, the shares have risen 27%.

The company, listed in London, Australia and New Zealand, invests in a number of businesses, mainly in Europe and Australasia.

Top Director Buys

Caterpillar Inc (NYSE: CAT - news) . (CTA)
Director name: Mr Douglas R Oberhelman
Amount purchased: 140,000 @ € 20.52
Value: € 2,872,170

Lonmin (Other OTC: LNMOF - news) (LMI)
Director name: Dr Deenadayalan (Len) Konar
Amount purchased: 10,000 @ 295.40p
Value: £29,540

Keller Group (LSE: KLR.L - news) (KLR)
Director name: Mr Paul Withers
Amount purchased: 10,000 @ 647.90p
Value: £64,790

Darty (DRTY)
Director name: Mr Alan C Parker
Amount purchased: 100,000 @ 58.86p
Value: £58,860

Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund Ltd (PAX)
Director name: Mr Christopher M Gradel
Amount purchased: 45,956 @ $1.26
Value: $58,134

Hargreaves Lansdown (LSE: HL.L - news) (HL.)
Director name: Mr Stephen Robertson
Amount purchased: 5,695 @ 698.50p
Value: £39,780

Ferrum Crescent Ltd NPV (DI (KSE: 003160.KS - news) ) (FCR)
Director name: Mr Edward F G Nealon
Amount purchased: 1,250,000 @ 1.94p
Value: £24,125

ACM Shipping Group (ACMG)
Director name: Mr John Lawrence Plumbe
Amount purchased: 21,062 @ 142.00p
Value: £29,908

Innovation Group (Other OTC: INVGF - news) (TIG)
Director name: Mr Jane Hall
Amount purchased: 105,000 @ 23.50p
Value: £24,675

Berkeley Mineral Resources (BMR)
Director name: Mr Masoud Alikhani
Amount purchased: 700,000 @ 2.80p
Value: £19,600

Top Director Sells

Investec (INVP)
Director name: Mr Stephen Koseff
Amount sold: 250,000 @ 408.40p
Value: £1,021,000

Caterpillar Inc. (CTA)
Director name: Mr Douglas R Oberhelman
Amount sold: 82,943 @ € 67.50
Value: € 5,598,901

Victrex (VCT)
Director name: Mr D R Hummel
Amount sold: 402,311 @ 1,620.23p
Value: £6,518,364

Guinness Peat Group (GPG)
Director name: Sir Ronald A Brierley
Amount sold: 5,000,000 @ 30.31p
Value: £1,515,500

Caterpillar Inc. (CTA)
Director name: Mr Charles D Powell
Amount sold: 10,700 @ € 68.12
Value: € 728,893

Cineworld Group (LSE: CINE.L - news) (CINE)
Director name: Mr Thomas McGrath
Amount sold: 126,000 @ 258.69p
Value: £325,949

Afren (AFR)
Director name: Mr Egbert Imomoh
Amount sold: 200,000 @ 127.22p
Value: £254,460

Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd. (Singapore) (DFI)
Director name: Mr Ronald J Floto
Amount sold: 12,600 @ $11.28
Value: $142,094

Xstrata (XTA)
Director name: Mr David Rough
Amount sold: 7,000 @ 1,050.00p
Value: £73,500

Investec (INVP)
Director name: Mr David Miller
Amount sold: 13,000 @ 404.00p
Value: £52,520