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We Found Out Why HGTV Stars Wear the Same Clothes on 'Rock the Block' Every Week

rock the block season 5 cast
Why Do HGTV Stars Wear the Same Clothes?HGTV

Rock the Block is back for a brand-new season, but fans of the HGTV competition series have the same burning question year after year: Why do the contestants never change clothes? The series is filmed over six weeks, but the stars are seen in the same outfits episode after episode.

Fans often ask about the clothing choices. On a recent post shared by season five star Sarah Baeumler, one fan asked, "Question: why are you all wearing the same clothes for all episodes?" Some fans even suggest that the show is staged. One commented, "I would love to know why the designers on Rock the Block have the same clothes on for three weeks now? I have to say this all staged and I don't know if I want to continue watching one of my favorites."

Page Turner (seasons four and five) and Jenny Marrs (season three) have both addressed the common question and cleared up any misconceptions about the series. The teams have to wear the same outfits week after week to help with continuity: When the show is edited, it's easier for the stars to be wearing the same clothes.

Page talked about the clothing during season four of Rock the Block. She said she got four identical outfits for filming, but she wished she had five. "I always see comments over the last three seasons: 'Why do they wear the same things? Is it all filmed in one day? Is it a trick?'" Page explained, "It's not a trick, the whole process takes several months, but we have to wear the same thing for editing purposes."

rock the block season 3 cast
Rock the Block season 3 castTom Griscom/Big Table Media

Jenny Marrs, who starred in season three, answered the same question on Facebook. She wrote, "The other big Rock the Block question we keep getting: do we really wear the same outfits the entire six weeks? The answer is yes! We all wore the same clothes the entire time. We each brought several shirts and jeans and did a lot of laundry. The reason behind the outfit consistency is to help the editors out. If we changed each day, it would have been so hard for them to edit the show and keep track of who was wearing what on which day in which room. This kept things more consistent for them and made it simple for us when getting ready each day."


Hopefully that clears up some questions for HGTV fans! Now: Find out what happens to the furniture on Rock the Block.

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