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Fox News Host Worries ‘Vaping’ Lauren Boebert Will Get ‘Handsy’ at State of the Union

Fox News
Fox News

Fox News’ Trey Gowdy took some not-too-subtle shots at embattled Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) on Thursday, wondering if the State of the Union address will feature Republicans “vaping” and “getting handsy with a seatmate” while President Joe Biden speaks.

During an appearance on Fox News’ The Faulkner Focus, Gowdy—a former Republican congressman who now hosts a weekend Fox News show—talked about the president’s upcoming speech and the challenges he faces with the American public.

“He’s got two problems: policy issues, and he’s got performance issues,” he insisted, adding: “Now, even if you agree with him on policies, he’s got some performance issues. I mean, look, Democrats can say what they want, but success tonight is him just not screwing up reading the teleprompter.”


After the ex-South Carolina lawmaker took a lighthearted jab at Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) over his spelling skills, prompting anchor Harris Faulkner to be somewhat taken aback, Gowdy was asked if Biden had the “stamina” to deliver an hour-plus speech.

Gowdy, meanwhile, said that Americans will not only be watching to see if the 81-year-old president exhibits the mental fitness to serve another term in office but also if Republicans will behave like unruly children. (Boebert and other far-right Republicans have loudly and gleefully heckled the president during the State of the Union in recent years.)

“They want to know if he has the mental acuity to make it four more years,” he declared. “On the Republican side, people are going to be watching to see whether or not members are vaping or singing along with the songs or getting handsy with a seatmate. They want to see how Republicans—are they capable of acting like adults in public?”

After a befuddled Faulkner exclaimed, “Wow,” Gowdy continued to crack jokes at both the president’s and Republicans’ expense.

“So, those are your reasons to watch the State of the Union. Does Biden fall asleep during his own speech, and can Republicans avoid being arrested? Those are the two reasons to watch,” he snarked.

“Alright, so I take it you were giving us examples of what could happen if he falls asleep,” a seemingly confused Faulkner reacted.

“Or go to Beetlejuice in Colorado,” Gowdy replied, spelling out the joke for his colleague.

This past September, Boebert made national headlines after she was ejected from a Denver theater over complaints about her behavior during a local stage production of the musical Beetlejuice. After initially denying she was vaping, she backtracked when surveillance video showed otherwise. Besides puffing away at a vape pen, the MAGA lawmaker also groped her date’s crotch in full view of children, danced and sang loudly during the show, and then flipped off a staff member when she was asked to leave.

Boebert, who has been outspoken about the so-called “migrant crime” crisis sweeping the nation, has also had to deal with a spate of legal headaches surrounding her family. Earlier this year, her ex-husband was arrested for allegedly assaulting their 18-year-old son Tyler, just days after she was cleared of allegations of hitting her former spouse. Her son Tyler, however, has since been hit with 22 charges stemming from a spree of alleged thefts and vehicle break-ins.

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