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French actor Marion Cotillard wins award at Spain's top film festival

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French actor Marion Cotillard has been honoured with a lifetime achievement award at Spain's most important film festival.

Spanish film favourite Penelope Cruz gave a tearful Cottilard a hug after the win was announced on Friday night in San Sebastian.

After receiving her Donostia award, the star of La Vie en Rose spoke of the anxiety she feels before taking on a major role. "It's something that's always part of my life," she said. "Every film I start, I never know if I'll be up to it so there's always that pressure."

The festival, which has now been held 69 times in the Basque city, is a major date in European cinema's calendar. There are 16 films, two-thirds of which are from Europe, running for the highest award, the Golden Concha.

Controversially, this year Johnny Depp also received a Donostia award. It came after allegations of domestic abuse by his ex-wife were found to be "substantially true" by a UK court last November.

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