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Galaxy S11: Leaks reveal five versions, supersize screens and huge 108MP camera

Anthony Cuthbertson
The Samsung Galaxy S11 is expected to come in five variants across three different sizes: Samsung

Samsung is planning five different versions of its Galaxy S11 smartphone, according to a new leak.

The five models will be spread across three screen sizes, with the smallest size expected to be the same dimensions as the largest Galaxy S10 model.

Renowned leaker Evan Blass revealed preliminary details of Samsung's next flagship on Twitter, claiming that the three screen sizes will be 6.4-inch, 6.7-inch and 6.8-inch.

"Smaller two will come in both 5G and LTE variants, Only 5G for the largest," he wrote. "All five variants will have curved-edge displays, i.e, no more S10e-style flat panels."

Samsung will stick to its usual launch cycle with a release date for the Galaxy S11 devices set for "mid-to-late February", according to Mr Blass, who has an excellent track record when it comes to smartphone leaks and rumours.

The new screen sizes represent a significant jump up from the Samsung Galaxy S10 models, which ranged from 5.8-inches for the Galaxy S10e, to the 6.4-inch Galaxy S10 Plus.

However, it doesn't necessarily mean the new smartphones will be noticeably bigger than their predecessors, as the curved-edge displays will increase screen size without the need to widen or lengthen the phone.

Previous leaks have hinted at a major upgrade for the phone's camera, with reports in August suggesting an Isocell Bright HMX sensor will bring high-end specs usually found on traditional cameras to the Galaxy range.

The 108-megapixel image sensor is capable of producing pictures measuring 12,032 x 9,024 pixels, making it the first smartphone sensor exceeding 100 million megapixels.

These rumours appeared to be confirmed over the weekend, after XDA Developers came across a mention of the Galaxy S11's 108MP resolution.

The smartphone news site found code within the latest version of the Samsung Camera app that adds support for a 108MP resolution.

Samsung's camera for the Galaxy S11 will first appear in a Xiaomi device (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Screenshots of the discovery also indicated that the full 108MP resolution will not be the default camera setting for the Galaxy S11 phones, which makes sense as this would likely be incredibly battery-intensive.

It is not clear which models of the Galaxy S11 will feature the upgraded camera, though Samsung will almost certainly include it in the higher-end S11 Plus.

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