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Garmin introduces pregnancy tracking to its fitness smartwatches

Jamie Harris, PA Science Technology Reporter
·1-min read

Garmin has added pregnancy tracking to its smartwatches offering mothers-to-be a snapshot of their progress.

The feature allows women to log pregnancy-related symptoms, record baby movements, create customisable reminders, as well as receiving exercise and nutrition tips.

Users can enter the baby’s due date and track progress on a pregnancy timeline within the app and compare their bump to common fruits and vegetables as time goes on.

Garmin adds pregnancy tracking to its smartwatches
Expectant mothers can measure their progress based on the baby’s due date (Garmin/PA)

Garmin said its latest addition is created for women, by women, after the introduction of menstrual cycle tracking in 2019.

“The positive feedback we received when we launched menstrual cycle tracking was a clear indication that our female customers are looking for more opportunities to use technology to improve their health and fitness,” said Susan Lyman, Garmin vice president of global consumer marketing.

“It’s our hope that this pregnancy tracking feature helps women make sense of how their pregnancy ties into their active lifestyles and overall wellbeing.”