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Garmin launches new Vivomove and Venu 2 Plus watches with host of non-fitness features

·2-min read

Garmin has launched new smartwatches – with a host of new, non-fitness features.

The company is best known for its sporty, activity-focused watches, which include GPS mapping and other tools for tracking runs, cycling and other exercise.

But in recent years it has looked to expand further into the more casual market opened up by wearables such as the Apple Watch, with watches that are intended to be worn all of the time.

Both of the new watches – the Vevomove Sport and Venu 2 Plus – include activity tracking tools. But they look more like traditional watches and include other features to be used when not working out.

That includes the introduction of the Venu 2 Plus, which can now be used with the voice assistant in a users’ phone, such as Siri, Google Assistant or Samsung’s Bixby. The Venu 2 was introduced only nine months ago, but the Plus now adds that voice support as well as the microphone and speaker required to speak to it.

Similarly, the Vivomove Sport is a “hybrid” smartwatch that has the actual ticking hands of a traditional watch, alongside a smart display. While it includes many of Garmin’s flagship health tracking tools – including logging exercise and information such as blood oxygen levels – the lack of screen means that some of the more detailed tools such as maps are left out.

Garmin sells a range of watches under the Vivomove name, all of which are intended as daily wear watches that look more like traditional ones. But the Sport’s hybrid design and smaller display means that it is much cheaper than others, such as the £439 Luxe.

The Vivomove Sport costs £159 in the UK, and the Venu 2 Plus is £399. They are both on sale at Garmin’s website.

Both watches were launched as part of CES, the annual Las Vegas gadget event that takes place this week. But the event has struggled with participation this year, amid surging coronavirus numbers, and is largely happening remotely.

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