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German home appliance brand Gaabor enjoys high reputation in Asia and strengthens its global influence

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Gaabor: The German home appliance brand loved by young families
Gaabor: The German home appliance brand loved by young families
Gaabor: The German home appliance brand loved by young families

BRASILIA, Brazil, Nov. 01, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Earlier this year, German home appliance brand Gaabor entered the Asian market and achieved excellent results in a short period of time. The success in Asia marks the significant step in Gaabor’s global expansion strategy.

After receiving high-praise from home cooks in Asia, Gaabor will launch their flagship smokeless air fryer and their diverse line of small home appliances globally, including Brazil. Gaabor hopes to bring a healthy and smoke-free lifestyle to future customers in Brazil through the Gaabor smokeless air fryer, gaining recognition in the local market.

Gaabor air fryers use the brand’s core technology – Gaabor Hot & Cold Cyclone Air System + Accurate Segmented Precision Cooking + Oil-fume Filtering System – to create 360 degrees air circulation, completely surrounding the food in a cyclone of hot air and evenly cooking all sides. The exterior of the food is cooked first, creating a crispy crunch while leaving the center moist and juicy. With accurate temperature control, automatic timer shut-off and an oil-fume filtering system, busy families can easily create delicious and healthy meals.

"I have always been interested in kitchen appliances. In 2008, when my daughter got married, I specially developed a smokeless air fryer for her,” said Gabor Lorenz, the founder of Gaabor.

“My daughter likes food very much, so I wanted to create an appliance for her to easily cook with. To make delicious and healthy food, I combined Gaabor’s original core technology with the oil system concept from a premium German automobile to create the Gaabor air fryer, so that the food can be delicious without adding oil or just a little oil. The food retains its freshness and nutrients, and the texture is also very tender and juicy. I put infinite love into the Gaabor smokeless air fryer, and I hope that my daughter and more users can experience this blessing."

The founder hopes that Gaabor products can be experienced by more young families, bringing easy-to-use, reliable German smart household appliances to thousands of households worldwide, sharing in the love of wholesome and fresh food.

Gaabor, Share delicacy dass love.

For more information, please visit Gaabor’s official website:

CONTACT: Yang, +86-18989472902 (Mon – Fri: 10:00- 18:30)

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