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Get paid to travel the world and drink whisky - Grant's is looking for a brand ambassador


If your idea of a perfect end to a perfect day is settling back with a smooth whisky, then this might just be the dream job

Grant’s, the Scottish whisky distiller, is looking for a global brand ambassador, someone who knows their whisky and is confident enough to spread the word far and wide.

Aside from the normal values of being adaptable, with a good sense of humour, being a good networker etc, Grant’s wants “someone who can be a credible and authentic figurehead for the brand around the world”.

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And to ensure the firm gets the right person for the role, it has developed a series of challenging tasks designed to test even the most dedicated of whisky lovers.

First up, candidates are asked to develop a maximum of three drinks using three ingredients – naturally, one has to be Grant’s.

Grant’s Whisky is looking for an ambassador who will travel the world; recreating the brand’s founder’s journey (AFP)

The recipes should be posted on Instagram or Facebook and should be “distinctive” and “creative”, offering a certain amount of “intrigue”.

As the job ad says: “Does the drink tease the imagination and make the audience want to learn more about you and how you might excite a wide range of new and existing audiences across the world?”

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Stage two will see 20 shortlisted hopefuls invited to spend a weekend at Grant’s family home in Speyside where they will face series of drink-related challenges.

From that, and the third and final stage, the last three candidates will visit three different countries over 10 days to see just how effective they are at taking Grant’s to a new audience.

“Each finalist will be given a suitcase of Grant’s when they arrive in each destination, echoing the epic journey undertaken by Charles Grant Gordon in 1909 when he took Grant’s whisky to the world,” says the advert.

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“Accompanied by a personal videographer to document their journey, each finalist will liaise with our local teams to set up events that bring the brand’s stories and core values to life in entertaining ways.”

The global brand ambassador will be judged on how best they get the message across.